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    about to clear- should I fill carboy past shoulders?

    On our 2nd batch of wine- a WE Argentin Malbec. I'm about to start the clearing process. Before I do so, I have a couple of questions: The level in the carboy is just at the bottom of the shoulder, where it begins to taper in. It's like this because our starting SG needed to be at 1.09...
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    Should sediment still be at bottom?

    We are making a Winexpert Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay. The temperature was about 68°F when we mixed the additives and clarifier.
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    Should sediment still be at bottom?

    Hi everyone, We are in the process of making our first wine. Currently the wine is about 10 days in the carboy and it has stabilized. So we put the metabisulphate, sorbate, and the clarifier in. I used a drill mounted whip to drive off the CO2. My question is in regards to the sediment...
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    Potential problem: OK to touch wine with skin?

    Thanks for the replies. I definitely feel a lot better about things now. Can't wait...
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    Potential problem: OK to touch wine with skin?

    Hi everyone, Thanks for having me here. It looks like a great forum. Yesterday my fiance and I started our first batch of a VR Chardonnay. After some head scratching I think we figured it out. The only issue I'm concerned about is this: As I was pressing the air lock into the rubber...