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  1. TikiWine

    Mold in varboy

    I found a couple mold spots at the bottom of my carboy when I went to clean it. Is it ruined or can I rense with bleach?
  2. TikiWine

    Cleaning enolmatic

    My wife just purchased a enolmatic bottle filler for me for my birthday. I have not looked into these much. I was hesitant to buy for myself as I see an issue with cleaning and sanitizing. What is the best way to do that with these? Is it as simple as a siphon? Just run cleaner, water and...
  3. TikiWine

    Still good?

    Last night I siphoned my batch from the primary to the carboy. I degassed and added the the fermentation ending and clearing agents. This morning I went to check on it and the solid stopper ( per the instructions) was completely off. It has been sitting without one from anywhere between 1...
  4. TikiWine

    Degass or no degass?

    I am interested in letting my kit degass naturally. Has anyone tried this? How long does it take?
  5. TikiWine

    Oaking Malbec

    I am just about to start bulk aging my Malbec kit. What is the best type of oak to use for malbecs?
  6. TikiWine

    Oaking while still degassing?

    My cabsauv kit has completed it's course however it seems to be still gassy/fizzy. Can I still oak while letting the airlock degass, or do I need to wait for it to be finished degassing I did degass after the primary for 5 mins. It seems there was too much water in the lock and did not let the...
  7. TikiWine

    Adding fruit to a kit.

    Has anyone tried adding fresh fruit to a white wine kit? Such as strawberry or peaches to a Moscato kit? If so where did you add it and for how long?
  8. TikiWine

    Fizzy Moscato?

    I recently had a nice Moscato that wasn't too sweet or too crisp. It had a nice flavor and a slight fizz about it. I am trying to figure out how to do this with a wine kit. Any thoughts?
  9. TikiWine

    Oak infusion

    I am trying to make a cab with a bourbon barrel oak characteristic. Has anyone done this without a bourbon barrel? Can you infuse oak spirals or cubes with bourbon? If so what is the process?
  10. TikiWine

    Strawberry muscadine

    I am looking for a muscadine based wine recipe with a strawberry flavor or hint. I'm thinking of just mashing some strawberries and adding them to the fermentation.
  11. TikiWine

    Fermentation hasn't started

    I am trying to start a 3 gallon desert wine kit. It's been 48 hours and still no evidence that fermentation has started. Anything I can do to help it or anything I need to add?
  12. TikiWine

    To brewbelt or not to brewbelt?

    When u started making kits the guys at the store talked about the Brew belt as a required piece of equipment. But is it necessary? I am going on vacation for 9 days and this seems to be perfect if I start the day I leave and get back 9 days after to check the progress. The AC will be off...
  13. TikiWine

    Low starting sg

    I just started a Merlot kit and when I measured the SG it was pretty low. 1.065ish is that ok or is it a bad kit?
  14. TikiWine

    Sangio oak aging

    What is the best type of oak for aging sangiovese?
  15. TikiWine

    Oak aging

    I am aging an off dry wine kit with a spiral of French oak. I tasted after a month of the oak and it seems more dry than my first kit with only the directions. Does aging with oak make the wine more dry? If so what can I do to mellow it out and nake it more off dry again?
  16. TikiWine


    Does anyone know how to ship wine? I have family out of state and would like to give them a bottle. I probably won't see them until Christmas. I thought it would be easier to just ship it.
  17. TikiWine

    Mixed fermentation

    So I gave a friend that has around 20 muscadine vines in the back to yard. They said i can use it. The only issue is they don't know which type of grapes they are and that tgereis a mix of red and white. Without knowing how to separate. Is it possible to ferment them all together or would I need...
  18. TikiWine

    Muscadine pruning help

    I have a friend that has old muscadine vines on 3 trellises. They probably have never been pruned, but the still produce lots of clusters. It is a tangled mess. What is the best way to prune these back to help the grape quality?
  19. TikiWine

    Bad aging?

    How can I tell if my wine has been oxidized by a bad seal of the bung or air lock? If so is there anything I can do to correct it or is it just time to pour it out and start over.
  20. TikiWine


    How can you tell if the clearing us complete and ready to bottle. Especially with a red wine?