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  1. brandonman

    Rose Petal Wine - Petal Amount

    I'm generally fine with volume measurements. But, for something as fungible as "lightly compacted flower petals", it becomes incredibly questionable, at best, to me!
  2. brandonman

    Rose Petal Wine - Petal Amount

    Thanks for the Dill tip! I had this worry of not getting the right amount through freezing and then thawing before doing the measurement by volume (loss of liquid, etc). Seems that's not a concern. Thanks. I think part of the reason I wanted to get an actual weight measurement was to *know*...
  3. brandonman

    Rose Petal Wine - Petal Amount

    This is a pretty basic question, that I can't find an answer to. I have a few rose bushes that I have been harvesting flowers from this year. I want to make a rose petal wine. I am freezing the petals to preserve them until I've harvested enough off the plant. How Much Is Enough for a gallon...