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  1. pilotdentist

    Batch not fermenting

    So I am trying a cranberry wine. Used 12 cans of frozen cranberry concentrate, water, 9.5 lbs granulated sugar, and red star premier cuvee yeast. Temperature was 75 degs and SG 1.088 After a bit over 24 hours it is not fermenting. I added 2.5 tbsps of yeast nutrient. No activity still. Do I just...
  2. pilotdentist

    When to stop secondary fermentation

    I am making a 5 gallon white wine batch purchased from a local winery and the directions said to add 2 lbs granulated sugar. starting specific gravity was 1.085 and it’s at 0.990 now and I am still getting consistent bubbles (they are slowing slightly). is it normal for specific gravity to get...
  3. pilotdentist

    when do i need to check pH?

    First two batches I did were from wine concentrates I bought online. From the reading I have done, I understand you do NOT have to check pH, as they already balance it for you. For my 3rd brew, I bought a "California White" concentrate from a local winery. Any idea if ones like this (picture...