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  1. J

    Chilean grapes in California

    Thanks Johnd, They are in Connecticut
  2. J

    Chilean grapes in California

    Hello fellow winemakers, Does anyone of you know where in California can I buy Chilean or South African grapes? I know that there are a few retailers on the East Coast, but I couldn't find one in California. Thanks
  3. J

    Anyone try Hungarian oak Sticks?

    I have used Hungarian oak cubes in the past and presently and was very satisfied with the results. The good thing about the cubes, is that you can dose it how you want. The recommended dosage for medium toast is 2 to 3 Oz per gallon. I left them in for 12 month and it came out how I like it, not...
  4. J

    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    Regarding Steve, I had the opportunity to meet him in person and I was very impressed. I was in the process to build a bottle filler and found an article Steve wrote about the subject and needed some help. Steve answered right away and since I live in the same area, he offered to stop by. He...
  5. J

    Are all airlocks created equal?

    I have the same problem with the three piece airlocks on carboys; they pop out easily especially if the inside of the mouth is wet. This happens on all smooth mouth carboys made in China, but the Italian carboys have a rough surface inside the mouth and these rarely have this problem. The...
  6. J

    Lifting the carboy.

    I have been using the “All-in-One Carboy Cover” for a few years and I found them very useful. Not only the lifting is safer, but they protect againsts accidental cracks and against light. There are durable carboy jackets with reinforced bottom and handles for lifting...
  7. J

    Homemade vs. Commercial and what I am doing to close the gap

    Hi NorCal, I wonder how realistic is to try to make a high quality wine for 5 dollars a bottle? Do you buy your grapes, or do you have your own vineyard? Even if you buy the grapes, do you factor in the cost of the work you put in? Not to mention the automated and streamlined process a...
  8. J

    46th Annual US Amateur Winemaking Competition

    I like the "steak marinade", but you can also call it "grape juice". It worked for me in the past.
  9. J

    Looking for suggestions for a Wine Cooler

    I have a Danby under counter wine cooler for about 15 years and it worked well except for the fact that one of the blower fans inside the unit needed replacement because it became very noisy This unit has terrible ratings, but I guess I was lucky. Whatever you get be aware that you need to...
  10. J

    Straining Bags

    I'm trying to make sense of this There are many folks here using paint bags for straining grape juice or wine and no one is concern that these are not food grade material. Someone said that he saw a label on them saying HDPE. Really, since when is paint food product?
  11. J

    Straining Bags

    Okay, I heard horror stories like that, but some of us are not commercial winemakers and we are in full control of what comes in contact with the wine we make. After all, we are the ones who drink our wine, together with our families and friends. Certainly anyone can choose to do whatever they...
  12. J

    Straining Bags

    Really? I would never use paint straining bags to make wine I'm going to drink.
  13. J

    Building a bladder press

    Hello fellow winemakers, Has any of you built or thought about building a bladder press? to buy one, you need to fork out quite a bit of money, but most original parts are available as replacement items for purchase at afordable prices. If you had such experience, I would like to hear from you...
  14. J

    Should I stop fermentation? Should I bottle?

    Be careful with Sorbate, read this article:
  15. J

    Oak infusion

    I wonder why someone would soak oak cubes or chips in flavorless alcohol, unless there is some magic to it, I don't know about?
  16. J

    Inkbird Giveaway of ITH-20 Series Digital Hygrometer and Thermometer

    "USA ITH-20R with 3 Transmitter"
  17. J

    D254/D80 vs RP15

    Has anyone use CVRP yeast and did it work for you? Thanks
  18. J

    The necessity of storing corked bottles on their side a busted myth?

    I totally agree and cellar humidity along with quality corks is very important I had some bad corks and even though I kept the wine on the side, due to low humidity, I had some leaking bottles
  19. J

    Malolactic fermentation, should I?

    I also used ICVD254 andICVD21 folloed by VP41, and other MLF bacteria now I'm thinking about CVRP yeast and I wonder if anyone used this strain and what was the outcome Thanks
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