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  1. stickman

    Neutralizing a barrel

    This one wasn't too long ago, it might be what you were looking for.
  2. stickman

    CoronaVirus & Day to Day

    I thought this program had some interesting information and data, some of the best I've seen so far at least in my opinion. Of concern is the aerosol that is emitted from people even as they talk, some of the material settles quickly, but some very fine material continues to float around the...
  3. stickman

    What R you doing today?

    Holy.....way more organized than me.
  4. stickman

    New Wine Room

    I'm pretty sure that the primary reason a bottle would break like that, is when it doesn't go through the annealing oven after being formed. A bottle or a carboy would be the same, if you allow them to cool in the open air, that's what can happen.
  5. stickman

    New Wine Room

    @Johnd is that a one-off bottle or do you have multiples? Just thinking you may want to pull a cork if there are other bottles of the same wine. That's unfortunate, I've also never seen anything happen like that.
  6. stickman

    Malolactic Fermentation Help

    One thing I noticed on the chromatogram that I don't see very often is that the Syrah has a citric acid spot, it's the spot just under the malic spot, it could be natural citric, but it may indicate the pails were acid adjusted. Acid adjustment alone doesn't mean there should be a problem with...
  7. stickman

    Mold on grape press wood

    Tartaric with sulfites is ok if you use the solution quickly, otherwise on storage it will drop tartrate crystals, for that reason most solutions use citric acid.
  8. stickman

    Rattlesnake Hills Malbec

    Thanks for the kind words, but even after all of these years I'm still learning, you've seen my posts, nothing secretive or magical about what I do. I do some punch downs, but most of what I do would be considered pump overs or "delestage". My comment wasn't about one way or the other being...
  9. stickman

    Rattlesnake Hills Malbec

    I don't think 87F is a problem, it probably wont stay there for very long, some people like to take it up to 90F. What seems odd is the cap being a lower temp than the wine, at least that is the opposite of what I typically see. My cap is usually several degrees higher than the liquid below...
  10. stickman

    Rattlesnake Hills Malbec

    You did use enzymes, so you may want to back off on the punch downs if the skins start to turn to pulp. Remember, pictures or it didn't happen.
  11. stickman

    Where to get sugar

    I assume that the sugar issue is due to people being at home, so they are baking things etc., I noticed even box mixes for various breads, cakes, and cookies, are running low inventory. Flour was there, but also low stock.
  12. stickman

    Mycoderma? My first try with grapes and not a kit.

    My guess is that the material at the top is tartrates possibly combined with a protein precipitate, which is not much of a concern at this time. Excessive racking will do more damage than good. I would rack if you have a sulfide aroma associated with heavy yeast lees, otherwise allow to settle...
  13. stickman

    Gas Price Watch

    @ibglowin Fill up that 10,000gal underground tank and put in a little extra stabilizer.
  14. stickman

    Gas Price Watch

    $1.81 Normal, IL
  15. stickman

    Rattlesnake Hills Malbec

    @crushday Sounds like you're in good shape to me.
  16. stickman

    Thread sealant or other solution?

    Should work fine, but just my opinion, I would use a plastic washer on the outside so you're not tightening the nut directly on the tank surface.
  17. stickman

    Rattlesnake Hills Malbec

    Looks good, like blood. Just keep your nose in there, there's a biological war going on in that must, shouldn't have any problems, but be prepared to act if anything gets funky.
  18. stickman

    Corks not seating correctly

    I did some measurements of bottle openings for a previous thread about glass closures, but the data is relevant here also. The diameter of the opening for standard US bottles is 18.5mm plus or minus .5mm, but in practice with random recycled bottles I found 17.5mm to be the smallest. My original...
  19. stickman

    Thread sealant or other solution?

    My guess is that you trimmed the sealing surface that the gasket in the cap makes contact with. You may be able to block sand the sealing surface flat again, but a picture might help determine a solution. The thread sealing compound or teflon tape might be a temporary fix, but it would have to...
  20. stickman

    2 questions about bottling time and bulk aging

    Looks like floating tartrates to me.
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