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  1. Robin

    Wine taste different

    I gave my daughter two750ml bottles of Raspberry Peach Sangria wine. They were delicious. I also packed some of the same wine in 1.5L bottles. I opened a 1.5L bottle of the same wine and it was delicious. I opened another bottle from the same batch that was tart. How can that be possible...
  2. Robin

    Organic Kits?

    Do you know of any company that sells organic juice with nothing added?
  3. Robin

    Forgot an ingredient

    Made a batch of Moscato for my mom (only a gallon) forgot to add the sorbate. Final stage can I add it or do II really need it? Couple more questions: 1.Where do most folks buy their juice for wine? 2, Do you put the additives included in the kit in your wine? 3. Do you ever make changes...
  4. Robin

    Dandelion Wine

    Decided to make Dandelion wine this year. ONLY one gallon. YIKES, it takes a LOT of flower heads which took hours to pick. Then I sat for hours separating the petals from the green backing. NIce to sit after all the stooping and bending. Good time to think. Just racked into a glass gallon...