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  1. KTWineMaker

    How long can fresh grapes sit?

    I'm purchasing some Syrah grapes from the Western Slope of Colorado. They are being harvested this week and ready for pick up starting tomorrow (Friday). How long can they sit for without being crushed? It's quite a far drive so I'm struggling to find a date before Tuesday that I could go grab...
  2. KTWineMaker

    Wine Maker Magazine Conference 2020

    Anyone been to the winemaker magazine conference in the past? Was it worth the cost? I just got into winemaking this year and it sounded like a fun event but it is spendy when you throw in travel since I'm not local. 13th annual WineMaker Conference May 28-31, 2020 San Luis Obispo – Paso Robles...
  3. KTWineMaker

    Add a second string of Malolactic Cultures, if first didn't work?

    I have a batch of Lodi Zinfandel grapes which have gone through primary fermentation, after crushing and destemming I added 1/4 potassium metabisulfate to the must. I want my wine to go through MLF, but my local wine store only had one kind of malolactic cultures: WLP675 Malolactic Cultures. I...
  4. KTWineMaker

    Rack during Malolactic Fermentation?

    I'm making my first ever batch of Zinfandel from grapes from Lodi. I purchased White Labs WLP675 for Malolactic Fermentation. I added it at 5 Brix, per the instructions. Last night I racked the wine into a carboy as it was just below 0 Brix. Do I wait approximately 4-6 weeks until malolactic...