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  1. thunderwagn

    Trinity Red Blend and American Oak

    I have a WE California Trinity Red Blend kit and I do plan on adding the oak "dust" as per instructions, but I think I'd also like to add some oak chips that I have as well. I have some American Oak medium toast chips that I typically use for spirits and wondering if anyone has used American Oak...
  2. thunderwagn

    Winexpert Aging

    Question on the directions for a WE kit. The Washington Riesling kit directions say that if you're aging wine for longer than 3 months, add ¼ tsp potassium metabisulphite. Is this for bulk aging in carboy or aging in bottles, or either one?
  3. thunderwagn

    Racking and Carboy Size

    Soon I'll be ready to rack my 1st wine, a WE Washington riesling. I have two available carboys and not wanting to purchase another. One is a 5 gallon and the other is 6.5 gallons. I'm curious if it is better to rack into the 6.5 with the fpack and top off with more wine, or go to the 5 gallon...