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  1. Brintk

    WineXpert Petit verdot

    Single varietal PV is my favorite wine. It is usually a "big" wine, and, as such, may not appeal to every wine drinker. I have made single varietal PV from kits, and from Lodi grapes, and have been happy with each one that I have made. My advice would be to make the wine according to the...
  2. Brintk

    Consumer's Produce Acquired By Cooseman's

    Cooseman's has a location in the "Strip", currently. They do sell juice buckets (Not certain about grapes.). They are in the Produce Terminal Building. I suspect that they'll be closing that facility and consolidating into Consumer's Produce. Just a guess on my part.
  3. Brintk

    Consumer's Produce Acquired By Cooseman's

    Strip District-based produce distributor Consumers Produce Co. Inc. has been acquired by Coosemans Worldwide Inc., a Virgin Islands-based produce distributor with 27 locations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Central and South America. The value of the deal was not disclosed...
  4. Brintk

    Cabernet and Petit Verdot Blending

    I have blended these two grapes a number of times. IMO, it is better to ferment, and MLF, these musts separately then blend them after they are both cleared. This gives you the option of using different yeasts to ferment each grape, to save the individual pumaces for a second run, if desired...
  5. Brintk


    Hey Ron, Welcome to WMT. Do you know, yet, when your California grape and juice bucket lists will be on line?
  6. Brintk

    2 Buckets of Cab Sav on the way...Questions

    I have used both D-254 and D-80 to ferment grapes from the same purchase, supplier, and varietal. I split the crushed grapes into two equal sized containers, then innoculated each with a single variety of yeast. After the sugars reached 1.01 SG in each batch they were individually pressed, then...
  7. Brintk

    And Phil says:

    My thoughts exactly;
  8. Brintk

    And Phil says:

    Runningwolf, That sounds a lot like the recipe that one of my childhood neighbor ladies used for the muskrat carcasses that used to give her, after we trapped and skinned them, The exception is that she soaked them in salt brine overnight, rather than vinegar, and added carrots and potatoes to...
  9. Brintk

    And Phil says:

    As I sit here in my Florida Room on February 2nd (Groundhog Day), watching the latest Arctic Clipper System start to roll in (2" to 4" of snow predicted) and wishing that I were in Florida, I am contemplating the accuracy of Punxsutawny Phil's predictions over the years. Hmmm,...? How many here...
  10. Brintk

    Who Likes FRESH Coffee?

    I have purchased 100% Kona coffee, and had it shipped to my door, from the folks at the website below. They sporadically offer 100% Kona Peaberry coffee on first come first serve basis. It's marvelous, and addictive, stuff.
  11. Brintk

    D80 Yeast

    Two years ago I fermented 180 lbs of Petit Verdot grapes (Colavita), half with D-254 and half with D-80. They both fermented to dry with no problems. I then blended (50/50) the individual wines into two carboys and added Enoferm Beta (ML bugs), and 2 oz of French oak and 2 oz of American oak...
  12. Brintk

    Heat Gun and Shrink Caps

    At different times, I have tried a hair dryer, boiling water and a heat gun to shrink heat-shrink capsules without wrinkles. I've found that a heat gun works best. I have an older Steinel HL-1500 that takes about 2 seconds on the high setting and results in a near-perfectly shrunk capsule when...
  13. Brintk

    New Winery in Pittsburgh

    I see that Ripepi Winery, in Monongahela has reopened after 10 years of being closed.
  14. Brintk

    New Winery in Pittsburgh

    Interesting. Thanks for the info. R. Wine Cellar is right around the corner, a short walk, from another urban winery - Carlos Garage Winery @ 2022 Penn Ave - ( They have a couple of tasty wines and some pretty good sandwiches . Sounds like an afternoon trip...
  15. Brintk

    Cheap Wine

    PP-SEL/IA I have found that retirement, along with a significantly lower income level than when I was working, has dampened my enthusiasm for that Saturday morning $250-$300 hamburger. (When I got my license a Saturday morning hamburger was about $50 - wet.) I still look up, and search the sky...
  16. Brintk

    OSHA and wineries Sounds to me like Glen should have taken, at least, a 30 hour General Industry OSHA certification course somewhere along the line. Good advice for anyone that's thinking about going commercial. While the $71K fine can be bargained down...
  17. Brintk

    OVER OAKED (sigh)

    I, personally, would bulk age this Barolo for another year. At the end of that time I would taste it and see if I liked it. If the answer is "Yes", I'd bottle it. If the answer is "No", then PM me and I'll drive out to Columbus and pick it up - free of charge, of course.
  18. Brintk

    Awesome Calculator

    I've been using FermCalc since 2010. For those that can't run this applet on your computer, the problem may be that you don't have "Java Virtual Machine" installed on you computer; From the FermCalc website: "To install FermCalc, follow the instructions below. Regardless of your operating...
  19. Brintk

    alchohol content

    I use the calculator found at; How accurate it is? I don't know, but it hasn't gotten me in any trouble and it has a myriad of different options to calculate sugar, sulfites, mass conversions, and etc.
  20. Brintk

    Trouble with fermentation-What to do?

    I'm wondering what yeast you used. Based on the info that you supplied (Starting Brix 25, Current S.G. 1.002), your wine now stands at slightly over 14% alcohol (Based on "FermCalc" tables.). Depending on the yeast that you initially pitched, you may have reached it's max. alcohol potential...