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  1. salcoco

    Crushing and cleaning grapes yourself vs. Crushing-destemming at grape purchase

    what you suggest is not unwarranted many people do it. besides it is your grapes what you propose will make the wine better and certainly ease you concerns. go for it.
  2. salcoco

    Crushing and cleaning grapes yourself vs. Crushing-destemming at grape purchase

    you answered the question your self. if you are concerned about other than grapes entering the must crush at home. washing the grapes again is personal choice. you will be washing off wild yeast but that does not seem a concern go ahead crush at home and wash the grapes
  3. salcoco

    Chardonnay Acid/pH adjustment advice

    if it taste great leave it alone. winemaking is not just numbers
  4. salcoco

    Combining Yeast

    develop a yeast starter. about 100ml of water add some sugar and let yeast start fermenting. might take a couple of hours to get it going. sufficent for starting your 6 gallons. if not desired the 5 grams will start in your must and multiply to desired level.
  5. salcoco

    Homely Pears

    I believe these are Sickel pear normally used for poaching consequently very hard. will ripen slightly about two weeks from picking but will still have some hardness. I initially chopped the pears and mixed with water something like 7 lbs to gallon added acid and sugar. later once I had a press...
  6. salcoco

    Second wine

    all done by taste I would wait at least 6 months
  7. salcoco

    Chocolate Raspberry Port

    do a bench trial and see if it helps. I usually use sugar syrup 2 cups sugar to one cup water mix in a blender. take measured sample of wine usually 100ml and use 1/4 tsp of sugar in first sample,, two in second etc. pick out the best and calculate for main batch
  8. salcoco

    Brix levels for Marquette And Itasca

    ok to harvest both although a ph or acid check should be in order if the acid is not declining for sure should harvest. I would add some sugar to Marquette to get to 22 brix
  9. salcoco

    Fruit wine - Next Steps?

    I would add k-meta dosage is 1/4 tsp per 5 gallons. rack again in three months add same dosage.
  10. salcoco

    I need your advice.

    Sorry for your lose. I would suggest visiting other vineyards in the area and search for there advice. Possibly making a business arrangement to take care of the vineyard until you feel comfortable managing it. Good Luck
  11. salcoco

    Scaling up a recipe

    pectic enzyme 1/2 tsp per gallon. yeast nutrient 1.25 grams per gallon. acid blend per ph measurement. acid blend is a combination of tartaric acid, malic acid and citric acid. it is best to add only one of these acids to a must. government guidelines are malic acid for apple it's predominate...
  12. salcoco

    Cherry wine sugar content

    use a hydrometer add sugar until sg=1092 achieved this will result in a abv of 12%
  13. salcoco

    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and look forward to sharing information on making homemade wine.

    start by assuming that 12-15lbs of grapes will give you one gallon of finished wine. with this gage a 45lb lug will give you three gallons. for yeast dosage one gram per gallon is sufficient. yeast nutrient is 1.25 grams per gallon. your pectin enzyme and k-meta dosages can also be gaged against...
  14. salcoco

    Hi everyone! Im very new to this and need some help identifying what kind of grapes im growing. Is anyone able to help?

    one thought is they are Concord. is the bottom side of the leaf grayish? How long have the grapes been growing? do they smell like grape jelly?
  15. salcoco

    Flange t cork bottle for wine?

    I agree regular corks should be fine
  16. salcoco


    I was sitting in a Spanish restaurant one day and while waiting for my meal, the waiter walked by with two black items on the plate. In response to my query the waiter said since the bull fight that day, the bull supplies the special for this restaurant. the next day while dining the waiter...
  17. salcoco

    Help Fermentation wont start

    nutrients are usually added after fermentation has started. it may be possible that using them at start overwhelmed the yeast. check with the supplier
  18. salcoco


    use go-ferm to hydrate yeast also check water temp start with water at 110F add go ferm cool to 106F add yeast. dosage 20ml water for each gallon of finished wine, 1.25 grams go-ferm per gallon and yeast at 1 gram per gallon
  19. salcoco

    Back sweetin

    a safer method is a bench trial. make the syrup as suggested two cups sugar to one cup water mix in a blender or boil on stove let cool, take measured samples of wine , 1/4 cup or 100ml. add 1/4 tsp(1.25ml) to first, twice this in second, three times in third etc. do taste test pick winner...
  20. salcoco

    Potassium sorbate and geranium odor

    using sorbate on wines that have gone through MLF can cause the off odor of geranium