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    Berrien County in SW MI.
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    Fast wine

    Try the Island Mist sangrias. Great for summer afternoons on the deck or the beach. Ready to drink in about six weeks.
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    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    Joe, I just want to thank you. I have learned so much from your posts. I very much appreciate your insights.
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    making K-Meta sanitizer

    Just finished bottling 15 gallons of my wine using the all in one wine pump. The entire process, from sanitizing the bottles through cleanup took about 2 1/2 hours. What a great addition to my wine making tool kit. Thanks, Steve.
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    Hello from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!

    Do you remember which winery in Stevensville that you found the red currant wine?
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    Another new kit from WE - Whisky Barrel Cab/Merlot

    I made this kit in early 2019. It is a very nice kit, and until recently was sold out. After seeing this thread, I bought two kits. i agree with Craig, a bit more whisky labor would be nice, but it is a fine kit as is.
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    What are you watching today?

    Bloodline on Netflix is consuming my time.
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    I absolutely agree. I used mine today to rack four batches of wine off primary and into carboys. Degassing is simplified when racking in a vacuum. These were all cheap kits, Island Mist varieties intended for summer afternoons on the deck. The AIO wine pump is my favorite piece of equipment in...
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    Carboy Bung Removal Tool

    YouTube has videos on removing a bung from a carboy. Use a plastic grocery bag, it worked on the first try for me.
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve really enjoyed dealing with Steve. He’s straight up honest and extremely helpful.
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    What is The Best Nebbiolo Kit?

    Just opened my first bottle of WE Nebbiolo, bottled in January 2019. I made four kits last year, the other three are in bulk storage awaiting my attention. My first sip, a little more than an hour ago, was a bit disappointing. Nice bouquet and flavour, but a tad “spritzy” on the tongue. Allowing...
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    What's in your glass tonight? ive got two batches of WE Forza in the primary fermenters, now. Plan to rack them in the next few days, with my all in one wine pump. I want to rack once more before I head south for the winter, so they can mellow while I enjoy the south...
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    What's in your glass tonight?

    Love the label. How’s the wine?
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    I received my all in one wine pump as a gift from my wife, for Christmas. She coordinated with a friend that owns one of Steve’s pumps, so I wasn’t completely aware of all of the accessories that she purchased. I have now racked two carboys, degassing the wine in the process, and today I...
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    Kit Wine Taste

    I’ve really enjoyed this thread. I’m a relatively new vintner, exclusivity using kits. I’ve found it difficult to store wine for several years before sampling, but after reading the entries from the experienced wine makers, I’ve committed to some self discipline and plan to wait for at least 18...
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    Where to Buy Grapes in Michigan

    Have you looked in Berrien County? There are a bunch of vineyards here, with several wineries, perhaps they sell excess grapes?
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    That is a great idea! Thank you.
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    Barrel Leak

    Very impressive!
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    Barrel Leak

    Very impressive! No need for embarrassment! I keep my bottles in a crawl space, looks pretty primitive compared to your storage area!
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Rocky, I agree, I had a significant amount of sediment in my black cab, nearly 1/2 gallon. Reading on this forum has led me to believe this may be related to the use of bentonite? I’ve since read about “cold crashing” the lees, then racking the product to further extract the wine from the gross...