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    Is there something as too many lees?

    Hello Experts! Is this picture normal or is my wine simply ill? Click here if it does not load... I was thinking about moving it to the primary, clean up the carboy and move it back... But hesitation has taken over. :O( Hmmm...
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    Carboy + sunlight?

    Team, Should my carboy be sitting in a dark room like the basement or it is fine in the dining room (facing south) where occasional sun comes through? Thanks !
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    Hi there from East Lyme, Conn.

    Hello! I'm new to wine making and a veteran at wine drinking. I started my first batch of merlot last sunday and let me tell you, this forum help a bunch [[[ Thanks all! ]]]. Anyway, I'm looking forward to my second batch with recipes and trick I found on this site! D.