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    Getting the answer you want fast!

    Re-Cork? First off, per above, I filtered that white wine with the 0.35micron whole house setup and it went great. The small sip I had post filter seemed the same as pre-filter. Once I better saturated the filter with fluid it was wonderful. My question is, my wine giving for the holidays is...
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    Taste Test, Not smooth?

    Smooth like butter I will defer to the people more experienced then me here but I do agree age is the key esp on the red. I had a CC Red Mnt Cab Sav that was very abrasive even at 4months but after 6mo of bulk age it really got nice. It is at 11mo bulk aged now and I think it is ready to...
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    Advice on Back Sweetening

    Back sweetening "clouded" I have recently bottled 2 gallons of Reisling/Gewurztraminer blend wine dry. I saved 3 gallons to back-sweeten slightly next week. I took one additional gallon last week and heated 2 cups of it and dissolved about 1/3-1/2 cup of organic 100% apple juice concentrate...
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    Used it! I used my all-in-one pump to filter and bottle for the first time this weekend. I first racked off three gallons to sweeten and/or bottle at a later date. I then filtered and bottle the last 3 gallons through a 0.35micron whole house filter. It was amazingly easy to rack the wine and...
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    Getting the answer you want fast!

    thanks Thanks runningwolf. There is so much contradictory information about filtering out there. I think most of the negative affects that people rant about are more with reds then whites but it still hard to tell. The last thing I want to do is rob a kit wine of the flavor that it actually...
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    Getting the answer you want fast!

    TO filter or not I have the allinone pump and a house filter (I still need to clean the housing out for the filter though). I have a 10 month bulk aged 6 gal batch of Riesling-Gwurt blend from CC. It tastes great. Appears crystal clear now sitting in the refrigerator (in carboy). I want to...
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    STEVIA and others??

    Hi, All I could not find any info on non-sugar NATURAL sweeteners in the threads and couldn't figure where to stick this so here we go: 1) Has anyone made their own F-Pac using a juice concentrate that is "sugar free" (ie it is sweetened with sucralose or similar). I was thinking of doing this...
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    Hey bud...really sorry on how long I let your message sit. I just got it today. I was off...

    Hey bud...really sorry on how long I let your message sit. I just got it today. I was off forumn since about march (new baby) and have just got back on to checking things. I checked on Roger M Fields for you. There are Fields in the book but no roger. I hope you find him!
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    thanks wow thanks for all the help. I have been reading online for about 2 hours now and I do think that all-in-one is the way to go. I will probably order it and try and get the house filter tomorrow . With the house filter and the all in one do I need to gradually decrease the micron size...
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    I would like not to use sorbate but I am willing in fact all my current wines have that in them already...I am very paranoid about re-ferments and spoilled bottles (with prolonged storage). I would be content with a 35micron filtration and not a pure "absolute" filtration. If we remove my...
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    $$$$hhhhmmm? The enolmatic is a bit pricey for me. Thanks for pointing that out about the buon vino mini. I was under the wrong impression that it ran as a vacuum pump b/c I found it while searching for vacuum pumps...I know then only make pads down to 50 microns not the 35 needed to be fully...
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    Racking with a Primary Fermenter Bucket

    been there I have done this with a kit wine also. It turned out fine. It is newly bottled so I cant say yet if the added air exposure hurt it any (it was a white)...I really doubt it though; esp with a kit that is that "young". Just my thoughts but I haven't been doing this long
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    REVIEW: *allinonewinepump*

    allinone or Buon Vino Mini Jet? I am happy to read the reviews of the all-in-one pump and was very interested in it as well. I was also looking at the Buon Vino MINI Jet Wine Filter. I am not sure which would work best for me and I can get both for about the same price (the Buon Vino is about...
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    What is an F-pac?

    F-PAC and Sweetners Hi, All I will likely go a bit off topic but I have 2 questions: 1) Has anyone made their own F-Pac using a juice concentrate that is "sugar free" (ie it is sweetened with sucralose or similar). I was thinking of doing this to avoid ANY risk of refermentation (I would not...
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    Brew Belt?

    I have done 2 CC (there supreme ones?) white kits (one red) and they will ferment in that temp area. In fact the Reisling/Gewurt one I did was awesome and fermented at about 62 took about 2 weeks. If you can get it started somewhere warmer or at least get a good yeast starter...
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    SG readings

    I have tried to take lots of advice from experienced wine makers. most of them seem to check SG less and less the longer they have done it. Being new, similar to you, I check it right before primary then only after I see the bubbles out of the airlock slowing down..then I check daily until I...
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    just really confused

    I am a newbie so I wont try and speak much about wine as a whole; but I know a little about chemistry. And there is no way that ANY wine could test over ph7 even if you use highly treated water with a PH near that. A ph meter without calibration is like a ship without a sail; it will be all...
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    Skip Secondary?

    ooops Sorry about the additional thread....I used the "search" function for "skip secondary fermentation" and a couple other options and never saw the 2 threads already about that. Then once I posted in the "other suggested threads area" at the bottom of this one I see the other two...
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    Skip Secondary?

    I had recently began a CC Riesling/Gewart blend kit that tasted so good after only completing secondary ferment and clearing for a couple weeks that I rushed out and got another one. The first kit I fermented at a very low temp in primary, took 2 weeks. This second kit I fermented in the same...
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    Cellar Craft Should I try a cellar craft? Which one?

    Yeah the room was at 61 degrees of course the wine temp while fermenting ran slightly above that. I did add some extra yeast nutrient (even though it is a kit) to help out and I started my fermentation upstairs at 70-72 degrees for almost 2 days then brought it down to the basement once it was...