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  1. bigorange82

    Oil like substance floating in my wine?!

    Help folks, I just finished fermentation for 4 days, using 48 hour turbo yeast, and there's a substance floating in the wine, it doesn't look exactly like oil, but that's the closest I can come to describe it, like oil floating in water, it doesn't raise out of the water or anything.. As far as...
  2. bigorange82

    First time serious brew

    I bought some 48 hour turbo yeast, sanitized 2 milk jugs in the dishwasher, filled them with about 96 oz each of blueberry pomegranate juice, and added 1 half-cup of sugar to each, 1 tablespoon of the turbo yeast, shook it up, then made the lids really loose... Should I expect some decent...
  3. bigorange82

    Howdy guys and gals

    New here to WMT, also very recently started by first gallon batch of wine.. Just wanted to say hello to everyone!
  4. bigorange82

    Balloon airlock and CO²

    Im making my first batch of wine ever, and it's the second day of fermentation, but my balloon airlock isn't inflating. I do see little bubbles rising in the water though, and theres also foam building up in the small space left of air.. Can anyone tell me if this is a bad sign that I only...