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    Any geologists out there?

    I am not a geologist, just live in Maryland. Looks like what I've always called shale. Some fields are full of it, 'easily' dug through. That's relative, of course. I am curious as to exactly the composition of this stuff.
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    Other Diy wine in a box??

    I think that looks like the Wine on Tap system sold at I am sure other stores carry it, just ordered today so it is at the top of my mind.
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    Peach Wine...

    That is completely opposite of what I'd expect. Are you sure the batches weren't switched? I am curious if you and I got different batches of yeast, too. I don't know the weight of pectic enzyme that was added. I couldn't find my scale, and it was late. I threw in what was about 5x recommended...
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    Peach Wine...

    An update- I tried 4 different yeasts, since they were all recommended for peach or whites. Two I have used before, two not, my first peach wine. QA23 - Very fast fermentation, very good color. Also very fast to flocculate, and I can see through the wine now. I used this on Albarino and...
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    Other Kit use at wineries?

    Some must run kits, but I don't know that it would be usual grape types. Of course we often have no idea what wineries do for chaptalizing, etc. I have seen the super-size kits that cmason1957 is talking about. Labelpeelers carries 'Winery Series' of the Island Mist flavors, 4x the size of the...
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    How to move 3 carboys into house and down into basement?

    My carboys are ALWAYS in a milk crate or bucket. Much safer.
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    mega foam

    Again, no I wouldn't use this for fermentation. If the plastic type/NSF is not marked, it is not safe for food. Rubbermaid Brute or Lavex or Bronco make various colors, restaurants use them for ingredient storage. The 10 gallon can usually be found in white, might be embossed with "ICE ONLY"...
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    mega foam

    I thought that this was silver, but might actually be black plastic? Either way, looks like this is from a company that does not seem to produce food-grade plastics. If not marked, I would not use it. I am not sure of your batch size, if standard 6 gallon or less, MoreWine has a nice 8 gallon I...
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    finding large buckets?

    I may have to bite the bullet on a couple. I can easily get smaller sizes, and 6 gallon when juices come in. it's the larger diameter I need, probably keep trying to find used small barrels.
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    grapes & juice in Richmond VA

    Verdicchio is exactly what I am looking for as well! CFP Winemakers in Pittsburgh and Gino Pinto are the places that get it. I don't know why the other places importing Italian juice have limited types down to 12~ from 18~. Timing is weird for me, still may not do anything from Italy til next year.
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    finding large buckets?

    Where do I look for larger buckets, cheap? I would love more of the 7.8 gallon fermenting buckets, usually branded BSG or store name. I want them cheap though, and am finding for about 21-26$ or more, new. Or anything with an interior measurement of 13 inch. I have RubberMaid trash cans for...
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    grapes & juice in Richmond VA

    Could you post that list? I think the person on the phone didn’t get my email address correct. I am sure they are gone for the night and message never got here. I downloaded the juice price list from their website, why grapes aren't there I do not understand.
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    Recipe for the rose petal wine

    I munged together several recipes for dandelion or other petals, dragons blood/skeeter pee and standardized for any petal I have. Some flowers will obviously be stronger flavors than others. Everything is essentially a sugar wine with nutrients and acid, so I figured out where I wanted to end...
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    grapes & juice in Richmond VA

    Are they taking orders for pickup now? I thought they weren't ready for that til spring.
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    Liqueurs, infusions, extracts section?

    This is something I do, usually with things i have grown. Walnut wine, nocino, herbal extracts or liqueurs. I have several jars of seedy-weedy alcohol to filter, and I just infused 2.5 liters of shiso-basil vodka for bloody marys. Would have been more, but bloody marys...
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    Adventures in Wild Fermentation

    Both reasons you stated, plus evening out flavors through the wine volume. Particularly if you have been aging on fine lees or with oak.
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    I don't have the recommended yeast--which of the ones I have should I use?

    And this article mentions 71b, and Premier Cuvee, so it depends on how you pland to treat acid if too high. As Rice_Guy says, you can allow MLF or cold crashing to lower it.
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    I don't have the recommended yeast--which of the ones I have should I use?

    Lot of people mention 71b for Marechal Foch, lowers the acid and helps make a fruity wine. The Premier Classique (Montrachet) gets decent reviews, but i have avoided it as i am not that dedicated to monitor for nutrients and sulfur. I swear i just looked at other yeasts for Foch while firming up...
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    To back sweeten apple wine?

    I did pretty sweet for a less-than-fermentation-intended apple. It really needed the apple concentrate to be drinkable, and a little oak extract. The cider fruit made a decent taste on it's own, but I did backsweeten to off-dry to please someone else.
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    Carboy bung slipping out.

    Not just you! Carboy Stopper Clamp is a thing on Thingiverse to 3D print your own. I had such an issue with my rubber stoppers just popping themselves out, i went with carboy hoods. I had to find ones that fit my odd carboys, but so much better. I need to find who carries that size now that...