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    Orange Extract

    Wondering how much Zest to use in a half pint/with Vodka?....Upper
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    Steamed Banana juice

    I have some bananas that I am steaming with the peel.In what size containers should I freeze? I normally make 5 gallon batches.Also do peeled banans yeild a more universal product? Thanks......Upper
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    More Eldo

    Cleaned the freezer and de-stemed 20 lbs of the Elderberry.This is my 3rd 5 gallon batch,and the first Eldo batch with a hydrometer.Also used Acid blend instead of juice from citrus,5 TSPS,pectic,and Lalvin118.Took right off.Going to use the tailings in some Skeeter Pee or an Orange wine.Man I...
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    Dry Elderberry

    Anybody ever get their Eldo to go below.995 or less? I started some at 1.10 and it is got to 1.01 before I racked and stabilized.It is good at 3 months,I mean a real good desert or wild game wine.Anyway the rest of the berries in the freezer are not going to jelly or Troy.Well maybe Troy,I like...
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    Well I pitched the Lalvin 118 tonight on the 1.092 S.G. Persimmon mash.I added half of the sugar in the rec. and am supposed to add the other half in a couple days.I think I will have to consult Sid before I add more sugar.Anyway my starter is off to the races.I used this yeast mainly for the...
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    Neighbor has a Persimmon tree,what are some thoughts on a wine to go with cookies from said tree. Can You? Upper
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    Other Crybaby

    Just pitched the yeast in two 6 gallon buckets of juice.Buddy of mine got them for us.One white "Thompson" and one red.Don't know what the red is,but I think they are "Table wines".The lable is 'Crybaby',from central Calif.any body ever heard of it? Dig it....Upper
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    Yeast needs a home!

    Ok,I have 10 gallons of elderberry in secondarys ,5 gallons of Ruby Cabernet in a secondary stabelized,1 gallon of muscat stableized,and assorted Rubired elderberry blends.I made and hot canned some Elderberry extract a month ago,and brought it out tonight. 8 pounds equivelent added 5 cups sugar...
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    Yeast continuam

    I have a couple of Lalvin yeasts going on on some grape skins.Could I put a little of that on some new Elderberry and see if it takes off.Not cheap just frugal and I have no other yeast at this time.....Upper
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    Baccellieri crusher

    Just borrowed this from a friend.It has an electric motor and steele paddles that mesh together,not so tight that it will crush a seed.First off what would be a good cleaner second,do I throw the whole bunch or do I have to de stem by hand? Thanks Upper
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    Ruby Red

    JUst recieved 66 pounds of Ruby Red Wine grapes.Anyone have any tips on how to best use them.I can de-stem,crush,juice only,freeze.I am back to the store to get a hydromerter tommorow.Any advice or recipes would be appreciated...Upper
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    Peach nectar

    Ok,I canned some Good peaches in August.I over did the simple syrup in the peaches and now have some Peach nectar in the fridge sealed.I could use this syrup with some tailings on my future batch of Peach wine?....Upper
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    Elderberry extract

    I have 3 quarts of Elderberry extract that I made from 12.5 pounds of berries.I boiled with 3 cups water,no sugar.I poured into Mason jars,put on lids,but did not water bath boil after.Now 5 days later they are going off,fermentation has begun.I transferred to a pot and put it in the fridge.I...
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    Oak chips

    I cut alot of white Oak and Live oak,a little Black oak and some Valley oak.How does one make Oak chips?....Upper
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    First batch ever

    Just getting ready to transfer to secondary,had a taste a little sweet but good.Still a little ferm. going on.Man Patience is tough.I better start another batch....Upper
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    topping with syrup

    I have some Elderberrys going in the primary,can I top off with some Elderberry extract or elderberry syrup that I have? Thanks Upper