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  1. bdcl1977

    Boston Beer Keg in Orlando

    Property has a large beer keg for sale, bid has been $1.00 for a while. Here is the link -
  2. bdcl1977

    Has anyone heard from...

    Has anyone heard from the uglybamaguy? He lives on the south side of Birmingham, Alabama and may have been caught up in the tornadoes last week. I think we have two more members in north Alabama, the map is down and I could not find out where they were located but I believe one in Decatur and...
  3. bdcl1977

    Loquat Questions

    Well I am starting a new adventure in wine making for me. I have made a few kits, some fair and some good, none great, now I am going to make my first wine from fruit. I am using Frank Keller’s recipe for Loquat wine, 1 gallon. I hope to harvest enough for a 6 gallon batch. 1, It calls for...
  4. bdcl1977

    Wine Making - Thursday at 7pm ET

    My Sister sent this to me and I thought it might be interesting for us lesser experienced wine makers. "This is very exciting! I have a special treat for you. Join us on Thursday, Feb 10th at 7pm ET (New York Time): I've convinced...
  5. bdcl1977

    Japanese Prunes

    Has anyone made Japanese prune wine? I have 1 tree and there is about 10 to 15 pounds of prunes just coming in. I have only made 4 wine kits and was thinking I would try my first fruit wine with these prunes. I have 2 carboys empty and wonder how much this would make. I am so new at this I'm not...
  6. bdcl1977

    Traveling through Carrollton Texas

    On the way to New Mexico and stopped by The Wine Makers Toy Store. I met Brian and Joseph. They were very helpful and gave a tour of the store and projects. Joseph has several batches Sangiovese, each has a different water source, it will be interesting on the results. Joseph helped me decide on...
  7. bdcl1977

    Newbie and just about to start

    I am about as green as you can get, this will be my first attempt at wine making. This is what I purchased to start with: CALIFORNIA CONNOISSEUR NECESSITIES BOX CONTAINS: Pkg. of Wine Yeast, Pkg. of Bentonite, Pkg. of Potassium Metabisulphite , Pkg. of Potassium Sorbate, Pkg. of Fining Agents...