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  1. wood1954

    Opinions needed on Marquette winemaking

    I have 36 gallons of Marquette must fermenting now, 2 days into it. I’m wondering if anyone has pressed Marquette after 2 days. I’m thinking of pressing my 12 gallon bucket tomorrow and making a lighter wine and adding the pressed grapes to the remaining 24 gallons for a richer wine. Any...
  2. wood1954

    2021 harvest is over

    We picked about 390 lbs of Marquette grapes yesterday. Came out to 36 gallons of must. Brix was 21, PH 3.1. Had a lot of rot this year, 2 vines were almost totally rotten. I think it was because I only used mancozeb once and then used tebuconazole and myclobutani. Next year it’s back to...
  3. wood1954

    Ants as helpers

    I’m changing my opinion about ants, I check my clusters every day and have noticed ants will hollow out the rotten grapes leaving just a dry shell behind. By doing this they deprive fruit flies of food and also make it easier to remove the rotten grape. They may end up in the must at crush but...
  4. wood1954

    Leaf tissue analysis

    This is very inexpensive way to see how your vines are doing. I take my sample in to the college extension service and for $22 I get this nice report.
  5. wood1954

    Secondary clusters vs primary

    Here’s what my Marquette grapes look like, I’m really worried the secondary clusters won’t ripen. Im a little west of Green Bay.
  6. wood1954

    Japanese beetle killer

    After picking thousands of beetles I finally got some help, unfortunately I need an army of these soldier bugs
  7. wood1954

    Anybody know what this might be

    These spots are on most leaves, not the berries. Don’t seem to hurt the leaves. This has been in the vineyard for a few years.
  8. wood1954

    Anthracnose cured?

    About a week ago I noticed what looked like anthracnose on a lot of clusters and was pretty bummed. I sprayed after getting 4” of rain with captan, tebuconazole, myclobutanil and permethrin. Today I didn’t see any anthracnose anywhere. Maybe the combo of chemicals and temps in the 90s killed it...
  9. wood1954

    Marquette recovering nicely

    My frost damaged plants have really rebounded. I was just out trimming suckers and shoot thinning and was surprised how many flower clusters there are. I’ll still have a smaller crop but hopefully higher quality than last year.
  10. wood1954

    More frost damage

    Last night caused more frost damage and the forecast is for two more nights of frost. So, tonight I’ll get up at 4 am and go out and mist the vines until it warms up around 6:30. Small sacrifice for two nights.
  11. wood1954

    New wine rack

    I had some less than furniture grade oak from my woods and with the cost of plywood so high now I took the time to build this. Basically a bookcase with dividers. It holds about 200 bottles.
  12. wood1954

    Milwaukee battery backpack sprayer review

    Recently bought this sprayer and used it today. It works great, powerful spray, big padded straps. Easy to fill. The wand is SS and the tip is brass, there is also a plastic tip included. It runs off of one 3 AH battery which should last a couple hours. You easily reach the pressure dial when...
  13. wood1954

    Bottled blueberry the other day

    Last year I picked fresh blueberries from a local farm. The wine turned out very nice, good flavor, smooth tannins, 12% alcohol ph 3.7. Used Avante yeast which metabolizes some malic acid and I think it went through MLF as well. No yeast or hydrogen sulfide odors.
  14. wood1954

    Another reason I like Avanti yeast

    Besides no hydrogen sulfide this yeast also has almost no foaming. This is a Riesling kit after two days, no foam, no odor
  15. wood1954

    WE reisling kit tips

    Anyone have any tips on using this kit. I’m about to pitch the yeast, haven’t made Riesling before. Is the bentonite necessary? That’s my main concern, I’ve never liked using bentonite. Also I’m using Avanti yeast in place of the ec1118, the Avanti doesn’t leave a yeasty flavor. This is for my...
  16. wood1954

    Mail order wine De Negoce

    I forget who posted it but I saw a comment about De Negoce wines. It seemed like worth a try. He buys bulk wine bottles and sells it to his email subscriber. So I bought a case of Zinfandel for $8 a bottle, he (De Negoce) said the winery sells it for $30 a bottle. I’m currently drinking a glass...
  17. wood1954

    Alcohol free wine

    Due to health issues I can’t drink alcohol for another month or so. I bought a bottle of Ariel red wine alcohol free because I really miss my daily wine. It tastes like Welch’s grape juice without the sugar. Can’t wait till I’m given the ok to drink again.
  18. wood1954

    Lodi lab results

    I sent a sample of this years wine to Lodi labs. They replied the same day they received the sample. I was surprised by the low alcohol level. For $40 it was a good deal. I don’t have to worry about lab equipment or chemicals expiring.
  19. wood1954

    Marquette tannins

    Anybody growing Marquette grapes have any feedback on tannin levels in their wine? This year my wine did a fast ferment and I pressed on day 7. There was almost no tannin feel when I tasted it. If you have the same issue what do you do to add tannin.
  20. wood1954

    Is it safe to leave fresh pressed wine in a Brute container

    I was wondering if it would be safe to leave my wine in 30 gallon Brutes half full, with co2 layered in them. Hopefully mlf has started and it would be easier to stir in the big container for a few days at least before racking into carboys. I have a co2 tank and can sparge every time I take the...