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    Mosti Mondiale 2010 Ltd Editions - Meglioli

    I have made two MM Meglioli Barolo's and one Amarone in the past few years (2004, 2005,2006) and they were the "best" kit wines I have ever made, hands down! As the price increased dramatically for them, I made two more MM All Juice Barolo's and one Amarone kit (2007). While they were very...
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    Greetings From Broad Brook, Connecticut

    Joel, Thanks for the update. Good luck with your upgrade and I will be back when Winepress is back up. Thanks for all you do! All the best, Ed
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    Greetings From Broad Brook, Connecticut

    Broad Brook is a borough of East Windsor in north central CT. We did just under 2,000 lbs of grapes this fall, purchased at M&M in Hartford. Half is Zinfandel with some Petit Syrah to blend with it, and the other half is Chardonnay. We just racked the Zin into our Hungarian oak barrel...
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    Greetings From Broad Brook, Connecticut

    Hello fellow wine makers. I'm new to this forum but not to winemaking. I have also been making beer for a few years and just started "all grain" brewing this past year. I look forward to reading and contributing to this forum, thanks for having me. I have a few hundred posts on...