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    WineXpert Selection International Argentine Malbec

    Hey All, This is my first red kit and first WE. The instructions say 5-7 days before racking to secondary. It's day 3 and I'm at 1.010 SG which is what they say it should be in the 5-7 day timeframe. I'll transfer tomorrow but I was wondering if the WE kits typically ferment faster than the...
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    Any tweeters here?

    Heyas! Anyone doing the whole twitter thing? Add me Dave
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    Where to buy online?

    Hey Guys and Girls, So I'm very new to winemaking and already finding it hard to get some stuff locally. Do you seasoned veterans have any recommendations for where to shop online? TIA, Dave
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    water to make 1 gallon?

    Hi, In a number of recipes I see "water to make 1 gallon" how do you judge how much water that is when working with fresh or frozen fruit that you don't really know how much juice will be there. TIA Dave
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    Normal sediment after first racking

    Hi, New here :) I'm also new to wine making and am making my first batch from a kit. (Niagara Mist - Strawberry White Zinfandel) After the first week in the primary I have racked the wine over to a glass carboy. There is about an inch of sediment in the bottom now is that normal or...