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    Barrel aging cider

    .My neighbor and I pressed about 300 gallons of Apple and pear cider. He is aging in oak whiskey barrels. Anyone have experience aging cider in oak? What was the result?
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    Hello again

    I's been a while. Moving and remodeling sure can limit winemaking! Shoulder operation is going torestrict my remodeling efforts, so I'm going try one armed wine making. thanks....bob
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    First Pear of the year

    We just finished a bottle of 2008 Pear. It was wonderful! Only two bottles left! I've been remodeling, so no fermentation for over a year. Tonight I pitch yeast on the first batch of 2011. 220 pounds of mashed pears, 20 pounds of bananas, and 12 gallons of water in two 30 gallon primarys...
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    Sweet Cherry

    A buddy at work will let me pick sweet Sheet cherry wine any good?
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    Going Bananas

    My uncle called....he dig up 5 boxes of bananas, and wanted to share. We got three (40 pound) boxes. We peeled and mashed 54 pounds. Mixed 5 pounds per gallon.... I'm down to 4 bottles of last years batch. I'm hoping this years batch of 50 bottles will last the year?
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    RJ Spagnols Cellar Classic Vidal Ice Wine

    Finally got back from vacation...and got to start my kit. Starting SG was 1.112. Zowee..... Hope to see the 1118 kicking some serious grape juice butt tomorrow after work. I'll keep in touch....
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    RJ Spagnols Cellar Classic Vidal Ice Wine

    My kit got here...and unforunately I didn't have time to get it through primary before leaving for vacation; Atlanta, and then Florida. Looking forward to getting my first kit going. I looked at the instructions....not impressed. Generic instructions for a expensive kit. Any one done one of...
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    Elderberry recipe, frozen and dried together?

    I picked and froze 9 pounds last summer. I want to make a 5 gallon batch...and picked up four 4oz packages of dried elderberries. Can I used both in the same recipe...or should I primary ferment seperately, and then bulk age together? PS..Was looking at Wades recipe in the recipe section...
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    Blueberry Port sequence

    I've got 3 gallons of blueberry fermented to below 1.00. 6 pounds and 1 can of grape concentrate per gallon. Acid to .70, starting SG 1.085. Sorbated. I concentrated 4 quarts of juice to one and froze. Do I rack, add concentrate, add the brandy, bulk age for 6 months, clarify, sweeten and...
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    Blueberry Port (hopefully)

    I've got 3 gallons of blueberry, 6 pounds per gallon, fermented to dryness. I want to fortify and make port. I just got 1000 pounds of canned blueberries, and have started fermenting in various recipies. Can I use the strained juice to make a juice pack for the blueberry port? I made a test...
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    Ice Wine Kit Recommendation

    Got any recommendation for an Ice Wine kit. We bought a bottle of vintners cellers ice wines and my wife really likes it. Any recommendations?
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    Canned Blueberry Recipe?

    Got a call today. Seems I can get a BUNCH of canned blueberries... Got recipe?
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    Orange Blossom Mead

    Just bottled my second 7 months. My Mom supplied Florida orange blossom honey for three gallons. Back sweetened a bit...and it's yummy already. I can wait until it's been in a bottle for a few months. How do I post a picture?
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    Tagged a small doe yesterday. My wife and I skun and quartered this PM. We'll cut and package tomorrow after work. Tenderloin and 2008 Freeport Apple blueberry wine for dinner tomorrow. It doesn't get any better.....
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    Pure pear

    Here's what I did....any feedback? I picked up 30 pounds of bartlett pears from the school yard. I ran them through my homemade fruit grinder, and tried to press them. The pulp "gummed" up the burlap, so I gave up and pulp fermented this batch. Used a strainer to get juice. Adjusted the sg to...
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    Thanks for all the help

    My wife and I have been drinking our year old fall fruit wines. All are good. Apple, apple raspberry, apple grape, and apple blueberry. We are looking forward to some of the winter wines. Frozen strawberry, strawberry mead, blackberry jam (free jam)..OK I was desperate to ferment something. The...
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    Yeast for Fruit Wines

    Any recommendations for yeast for most fruit wines? I've got elderberries, chokecherries, and concord grapes in the freezer, and cans of pineapple waiting.... The buckets of apples are starting to pile up. I've used different yeasts...and wondering what folks like..or dislike. thanks...bob
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    Concord Grape

    We just finished sorting and destemming 12 pounds of concord. Couple of questions. We picked them off the stems by hand. Took too long. Is there a better way? We also enjoyed some Welches concord grape with dinner. Can someone tell me if the 6 pound Jack Keller recipe is bolder, lighter...
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    Busy Week!

    Hi All, Seven days, and 32 gallons in the primary(s) 24 gallons of pear, 10 pounds per gallon, sugar to 1.085, acid to .65, etc. 12 with Red Star cote des blanc...12 with Lalvin 71B Everyone liked last years pear (just 5 bottles left) I made much more this year! I have a small...
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    200 lbs. pears, 40 pounds of plums

    Hit a guy at works orchard yesterday. Got plenty of fruit. I left with over 350pounds of pears, and 60 pounds of plums. Good thing I shared...I'd have neve got all that fruit processed. Looking for a recipe for pear with about 10 pounds of fruit per gallon. Last years 5 pound was...