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  1. pgentile

    Glucoamy Enzyme Question

    I've been thinking about making a banana wine. Does the banana flavor come through? As to your question if you are using ripe bananas the starch at that point down to 1%. But glucoamylase enzyme probably would get that last 1% converted.
  2. pgentile

    Super Tuscan Advice for 2020 season

    I like your sangio to cab ratio. Petite Verdot or Petite Syrah are good for this, inky in color like Alicante. Alicante can make a good wine on it's own, I used it to blend and stand alone this past year. But like the other two better. My opinion cab franc would be better if you wanted to...
  3. pgentile

    Noob questions

    You got the right yeast for your first batch. As was mentioned before 1/4 packet will be fine. Whole packet fine too. With wine, like @Ajmassa says, loose lid or towel is fine through primary fermentation. On any subsequent blueberry batches consider grape concentrate instead of straight...
  4. pgentile

    2020 Chilean Grape Plans

    Malbec, Carmenere and Petite Verdot here, probably another field blend.
  5. pgentile

    Cost of grapes going down?

    Edit: Sorry just saw someone else posted this. Will we see the cost of lugs come down? I think they went sideways last year.
  6. pgentile

    Split and Store ML Bacteria

    I split both vp41 and CH16 into thirds or fourths, the last coupe years. Put in small vials. Have used up to 9 months later with no issue.
  7. pgentile

    Beer to drink while waiting on wine to age?

    Do a search for a Coors Light Clone kit if that's what you like there are few out there. A kit will be extract plus some grains or all extract. I started with kits and then went full blown all-grain. I have since switched to primarily wine making but still make about 4 10-gallon batches of...
  8. pgentile

    What's on your wine maker's Christmas list?

    My Christmas wish list is for all my reds to have aged a year or two over this holiday.
  9. pgentile

    2019 Grape Season

    Batches so far this fall: Premium Zin - all grape Zin - 1 lug 3 buckets Sangiovese - 2 buckets on premium zin skins Muscat - 1 buckets on zin skins Alicante - 3 buckets on second use premium zin skins after sangio Going to use slurry(that's what it is basically now) on one more batch friday...
  10. pgentile

    2019 Grape Season

    @Matty_Kay like the sound of that field blend.
  11. pgentile

    Is Winemaking my Therapy?

    Therapy on every level for me.
  12. pgentile

    Yeast for Petite Sirah?

    The last petite sirah I did was with rc-212, came out very good. Like others have said feed it properly if you use it.
  13. pgentile

    Co-innoculating vs. sequential

    I have co-inoculated with both vp41 and ch16 the past couple of years. I re-hydrate with tap water and do typical yeast nutrient additions. 24-72 hours after yeast. No issues. I also use the skins for subsequent juice bucket batches and don't add new yeast or MLB. Good luck with all those...
  14. pgentile

    2019 Grape Season

    Syphoned off the two zins today. Picked up two sangiovese buckets and put them on the premium skins, and one bucket of muscat on the regular zin skins for a quasi de?? red or rose muscato.
  15. pgentile

    The one thing I always forget...

    Every harvest I'm pretty good at planning somewhat ahead and having everything needed. Except distilled water. End up using plain old tap water. Very rarely have distilled water on hand when something calls for it. 5+ years of wine making with several batches both each fall and spring harvest...
  16. pgentile

    2019 Grape Season

    Thnx dude, happy fermenting back at ya!!
  17. pgentile

    2019 Grape Season

    Hope things have recovered and/or improved in ND since the last postings. Went to Procacci Brother's today, place was rockin'. Got first round of grapes and juice of the fall season. 4 lugs "premium zin" for one batch and 1 lug of regular zin and 3 juice buckets of zin for another batch...
  18. pgentile

    Adjust or don’t adjust?

    If the cab tastes good, I wouldn't touch it. It's not that far off. I also wouldn't sacrifice some good wine to prop up a mediocre wine unless it made a better wine than both individual wines. All three of my australian juice buckets(cab, syrah, grenache) were mediocre blended they made...
  19. pgentile

    2019 Grape Season

    4 new winemakers joining? The tonnage will be going up. Novices?
  20. pgentile

    2019 Grape Season

    Yup staying Philly. Just ready for the next housing project. Will be looking for something that could serve as a photography studio as well.
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