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  1. Ignoble Grape

    Can't login using Chrome

    Really glad this popped up in the daily email! Couldn't log in on Chrome either. Directions worked! Thanks!
  2. Ignoble Grape

    Where to get sugar

    Concur with the stockpiling sugar for long-term use. I always buy in bulk come November/December when everyone is doing their holiday baking. Really cheap, very abundant in large quantities keeps me going for 12 months. I do get strange looks at the check-out for having a cart full of 100 lbs of...
  3. Ignoble Grape

    I come from a land down under!

    Ouch! Recommend cross-posting on r/viticulture subreddit if you don't get an answer here - or do you have a local university extension office, maybe? Good luck!
  4. Ignoble Grape

    Residual Sugar Testing

    No, you're right - the brix meter is the tool to use for this exercise. The question is: CAN one use the glucometer? Which may not be possible if one can't get a reading in the first place.
  5. Ignoble Grape

    Wine making in the age of pandemics

    I have several gallons of denatured alcohol for disinfectant - who knew that would come in handy? Also a stash of empty spray bottles for sanitizing. Was able to whip of a few bottles of disinfectant and gift them to the elderly neighbors. Never thought winemaking would be a useful pandemic hobby.
  6. Ignoble Grape

    Residual Sugar Testing

    Huh. So my daughter is Type 1 - and this question is intriguing. Step 1: see if anything even shows up on the glucose meter. They read for regular coke/soda. Which is a fun trick to make sure the waiter did, in fact, bring diet. If you know the base RS of a given liquid, and then use the...
  7. Ignoble Grape

    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Just keep em coming people - this is the best Saturday morning reading I've had in ages! Local schools just announced closure for 2 weeks, minimum. Feds moved cruise ship patients into the state-owned resort less than a mile away. It's gonna be an interesting ride. Take care of yourselves out...
  8. Ignoble Grape

    Other peoples wines

    Ha! Judging by the label, could've been mine ;-) - but I didn't make a 17. Nice find!
  9. Ignoble Grape

    2020 Fall Grape Season Coming Up

    Equally as important is yeast selection. I feel like a gardner with the seed catalog. Looking through flavors and profile charts. Can easily kill a Saturday afternoon.
  10. Ignoble Grape

    Limoncello Fining

    What size are your bottles. I'm bottling in 30 days, would like to gift in smaller bottles.
  11. Ignoble Grape

    Sourcing grapes In larger than hobby amount, but less than pro amount

    Another option that I might try this year if I can't find white grapes is California Concentrate. Email them to get on their mailing list: They have weekend juice sales. Essentially whatever has just been harvested and...
  12. Ignoble Grape

    Sourcing grapes In larger than hobby amount, but less than pro amount

    The one time I worked with someone who got 1-ton, he used a truck with open-trailer, bins were on the trailer. When they got to the house, everyone pitched in with pitchforks to move the grapes from the macro bins on the trailer to garbage cans, to crusher, to macro bin for ferment. I think he...
  13. Ignoble Grape

    Yeast Storage for next year

    I'm certainly not the chemist/biologist, but I keep mine in the freezer from one year to the next and it seems to work fine. Glad you got to use most of it!
  14. Ignoble Grape

    What's new in your cellar?

    If I didn't have sufficient excuse to drink it before, I do now. Curious to try a villages. Ty for the advice! Cheers!
  15. Ignoble Grape

    What's new in your cellar?

    Wine and Spirits Educators Trust, level 3. It's like the Court of Soms, but the curriculum is focused on viticulture/wine knowledge, not service.
  16. Ignoble Grape

    What's new in your cellar?

    Yeah, I wasn't impressed overall, and didn't join their club. It's a trip for me and I happened to be in the neighborhood. No customer service and the help staff was less than knowledgeable. I was looking for a Hunter Valley Semillon and was told to go look for one on the "other reds" wall. At...
  17. Ignoble Grape

    What's new in your cellar?

    So officially kicking off my WSET 3 study. Visited a Total Wine for the first time. I love field trips! That was an experience, but found what I was looking for. Definitely going to need a drinking partner.
  18. Ignoble Grape

    Beginning Equipment

    Logistical Question: I'm considering getting a variable 50 gl., stainless steel fermenter for the coming season because I'm going to be at that capacity. I like my glass carboys, but they're becoming a tripping hazard. I realized, however, that if you need to rack off gross lees, you need to...
  19. Ignoble Grape


    Fascinating thread. "Solera" caught my attention. Agree with the advice to start small, follow the directions, and not worry about barrels. I'm 4 years into things, and just now feeling comfortable with adjusting recipes and experimentation. The more you make, the more you learn. I think I'll...
  20. Ignoble Grape

    Beginning Equipment

    Hi, I know this is the winery board, so I assume I know the answer to this, but have to ask: did you go through all of the official licensing for your business, or is this under the table? I get the boot-strapping, and I'm really inspired, I just can't imagine all the red tape for 60 cases...
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