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  1. RCGoodin

    Wine kit-good as the grape?

    Making good wine from cheap kits Listen to Joeswine. Follow his threads which will teach you how to make a so-so kit, and add the right ingredients to make a superb wine. All the kits I process will have some tweak he has suggested. I think one of his threads is "When good wine has gone...
  2. RCGoodin

    WineXpert Eclipse Stags Leap Merlot

    Stags Leap Merlot This was my first kit and the best. The more you age it the better it gets. Mine was before they offered the grape skins, so I can only assume they will make it better. It's actually pretty good after bottling. It took a lot to hold back for two years. I hope you enjoy.
  3. RCGoodin

    After Sanitizing??????

    Ok, question? I clean the bottles and then I sanitize them. Do you do one more rinse to get rid of the sanitizer before bottling? Thanks for your help.
  4. RCGoodin

    Your Favorite Wine Kit Manufacture

    Wine kits to use Lookup Eclipse on Ebay.
  5. RCGoodin

    Sanitizer and cleaner

    Ok veterans, it's been a long time and I want to get back into it. What is the best sanitizer and cleaner I should use for cleaning bottles and equipment. As usual, thank you in advance.
  6. RCGoodin

    All In One Wine Pump - Major Giveaway!

    I liked your FB and shared on mine. Count me in to win. I liked your FB and shared on mine. Count me in to win.
  7. RCGoodin

    WineXpert Stags Leap merlot

    Year one I was brand new to kit making, however, it taste good but not great. I could taste a youngness in the wine and I think a new to the bottle taste. And a preservative taste. Year two the youngness and bottle was going away but the preservative taste stayed. Year three I did not...
  8. RCGoodin

    Other Johannisberg Riesling kit

    I'm looking for a Johannisberg Riesling kit. Can anyone make a suggestion? I want it specifically from Germany. Any help is greatly appreciated.....
  9. RCGoodin

    WineXpert Stags Leap merlot's been 4 years since I bottled the Stag's Leap Merlot. I just tasted a bottle and it was great. I never thought I'd be able to hold off for four years but here I am. You can too. Just keep making more wine. I have 24 gallons of various whites to process that have been in carboys...
  10. RCGoodin

    I need wine bottles!

    Try your local Craig's List. I see them there a lot.
  11. RCGoodin

    when good wines gone bad

    Where do you get these? Where can one purchase these?
  12. RCGoodin

    Allinone pressure washer/bottle sanitizer

    Steve, can't I have two buckets? One with hot water and kmeta to draw from and the other for letting the dirty material to fall in. Then I would not need to filter the dirty water.
  13. RCGoodin

    It begins... RJS Cellar Series Cabernet

    I think we all went through what you're going through. It's somewhat comforting to re-live it through you. Thanks for keeping us updated. I remember my first batch was a Stags Leap Mertlot and after I bottled it, I said to my wife this stuff is ready to drink. I got back on this forum and...
  14. RCGoodin

    It begins... RJS Cellar Series Cabernet

    I would think there would be a mention of not topping up to 2" because you need some room for degassing. You should degas before clearing and topping. Just trying to think out loud for everyone. Other thoughts?
  15. RCGoodin

    Red dry smoky wine

    Liquid Smoke Would liquid smoke enhance a Chardonnay, or other white wines?
  16. RCGoodin

    What's in your glass tonight?

    Drinking tonight. Mine is from Costco also. It's a Spanish Rioja. Very dry and very bug. I buy a case each time I go. It's on sale for $7.99. Get some, it's worth it.
  17. RCGoodin

    First batch of wine - A few questions

    I would recommend to keep racking until you barely see sediment at the bottom of the carboy. This is just me, but prior to bottling I filter the wine into a fermenting bucket and then bottle from there. There are some experts that never filter because they feel the filtering process takes...
  18. RCGoodin

    WineXpert Eclipse Zinfandel

    I'm starting this kit sometime in June, I do plan to add oak, tanins and 1 lb of currents in primary and then add oak cubes and tanins in secondary. Kinda like Joe, "Thinking outside the box."
  19. RCGoodin

    WineXpert Eclipse Zinfandel

    Need your tasting notes. Looking forward to hearing how this turned out.
  20. RCGoodin

    Thinking outside the box

    Great post. The wine looks great also.
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