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  1. jgmann67

    WineXpert New Forza Kit

    So all you new Forza makers. How’s it tasting?? I made the original Forza and it was stellar. And my wine fund is begging me to get another kit. Fighting the urge to buy one of these and add to my inventory.
  2. jgmann67

    All in One 15% Off for March 2020

    Got this in my email. If you're looking to pick up an AIO pump (I swear by mine) or are looking to add to your arsenal of equipment, Steve just sent a coupon code (March2020) to get 15% off of anything on the site. I've been eyeballing a bottle washer for some time now. Knocking $30 off might...
  3. jgmann67

    Started a French Rose

    The basement is a cool 64*. Nine days later and the ferment is only down to about 1.04. It was moving a little slow for my tastes so I attached a brew belt to bring it home. Will test again over the weekend.
  4. jgmann67

    WineXpert Eclipse Stag Leap Merlot Extended Maceration

    Tannin Riche Extra. Nice finishing touch.
  5. jgmann67

    WineXpert Eclipse Stag Leap Merlot Extended Maceration

    Thiefed a taste last weekend. This one is going to be all that I remembered. Likely to continue on this path for another 6-9 months. Will rack in another month -‘d just hit it with Kmeta until we’re ready to bottle. Only addition from here is some TRE.
  6. jgmann67

    What's in your glass tonight?

    A nice Shaffer Chard with dinner. Bought it for my wife on her birthday last month. Almost fell off my chair when she said she thinks she prefers my chard (Luna Bianca) to the Shaffer. But then again: it’s a cheaper, bigger wine, and I have about 5 cases in my basement.
  7. jgmann67

    New...ish to the Craft:)

    I don’t have any experience in homemade bourbon soaked oak, but I wonder if you shouldn’t “kiln” them after they soaked. I might put them on a rack and pop them in the oven at 200* for 20-30 min. and then store them in a ziploc till I need them. But yes - dose means hit with 1/4 tsp of Kmeta...
  8. jgmann67

    Rattlesnake Hills Malbec

    I honestly wonder sometimes. Is this just a way to pass the time until we can start a ferment? [emoji16] But seriously, I’ve used D254 a couple times and really like the results. I’ve also used AMH - thought I was getting a “slow burning” yeast and could ferment for 12-14 days. But, it...
  9. jgmann67

    Started a French Rose

    Joe - it’s the RJS, same as last year. Mrs Mann asked for no fpac this year. Since it’s basically her wine, I’m going to give her what she asks.
  10. jgmann67

    Started a French Rose

    Started my summer wine today. Went back to the French Rose. Going to do this one by the numbers (no fpac) and see what happens.
  11. jgmann67

    WineXpert Eclipse Stag Leap Merlot Extended Maceration

    It’s been a while so I thieved a taste from the carboy. Nice cherry flavor. Dark and rich. Will hit it with some TRE before too long. But the tast was a good reminder for me of why I like this kit so much.
  12. jgmann67

    Winexpert Eclipse Three Moons

    Mine is on oak in bulk. Snuck a taste to see if that harshness had faded. It did indeed. Definitely going to hit it with some TRE sometime down the road just to give it a little extra pucker. But, it’s got a real nice spine already. This one is going to be a winner.
  13. jgmann67

    All in One Degassing Question

    Taste your wine. If it’s sharp or bitey, then you probably still have co2. Co2 releases naturally with time and temperature. If your wine is sitting in a constant that’s > 70*, chances are your co2 isn’t released on its own. So, 3-4 rackings might get it done.
  14. jgmann67

    Research into home winemaking

    I’m in.
  15. jgmann67

    Taking on a vineyard project - Merlot

    I’m very interested to see how this progresses and compares to the yield/quality from the other vines. Thank you for sharing.
  16. jgmann67

    New...ish to the Craft:)

    Hi Bob. I’m going to assume you mean ‘how long do you leave them in the carboy’? After a few months, the oak has given it all up to the wine. Really, it’s more like two months, but I pull my oak cubes out when I rack my wines (at three month intervals). Wine diamonds, or tartaric acid...
  17. jgmann67

    Hello from south of Pittsburgh, new here

    Welcome from the south central PA. As far as the Alicante - if in two years you believe it’s better blended, you can still do it. Maybe this September, you get another red that blends well AND stands on its own.
  18. jgmann67

    Super Tuscan Advice for 2020 season

    I agree - Merlot is something to consider. I’m also thinking about a ST blend this fall. I might do a field blend a see what the wine gods give me (if not with all three, I might do the cab/Merlot together and blend the sangio after a year in bulk).
  19. jgmann67

    2017 Coming around maybe. In a good way.

    Ahh the winemaker’s lament. I say that almost every time I’m looking at the last bottle.
  20. jgmann67

    Seville Classics 168 bottle 7 tier rack?

    I’m shopping for another one of these racks and can’t seem to find them on amazon (or google). Is it just me or are these racks no longer available???
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