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    CoronaVirus & Day to Day

    Thank you for sharing. I noticed the link in their post was for SARS. That said SARS is a virus and, the most effective sanitizer I.e. lease amount of contact time... is still bleach and peroxide. Stay safe out there, everyone. Wash your hands, clean and sanitize your homes. And get ready...
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    Juice buckets vs Concentrate

    I can get buckets for $50-60 and usually have skins on hand to mix in. For the price and quality I would go for buckets everytime. I have heard that the colors are not true due to the way the juices are processes and that the factories blend a bit of color back in. And I often wonder how...
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    Frozen pails of must...are they worth it?

    @Ajmassa Here is the email from them that I just received. It is a bit contradictory to what you found. Sounds like they may rent a freezer in the fall... "Chris The freezer closed. Folks who ordered during the fall had their grapes shipped to a freezer in south Chicago for pick=up. From...
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    Frozen pails of must...are they worth it?

    Hopefully they are bringing it back to Chicago! 2018/ early 2019 they had a closing sale for the Chicago warehouse and it is not on the order form for 2019. :-(. I sent the an email and we will find out for sure! @Johnd no worries! That is not typically where you would order out of...:)
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    Frozen pails of must...are they worth it?

    John, unfortunately Brehm does not have distribution here anymore. They closed the operation last year. They only sell out of Washington, Cali and Scranton PA...
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    Other Vacuum Pump???

    I finally got to try out my Christmas present! We bottled 16 gallons yesterday with the AIO. I also transfered another 6gal. It was easy to set up and run and clean! Sooo much better than gravity filling and I didn't have to lift a single carboy. I should have listened to the team sooner...
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    Zinfandel - what's different?

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    Steam Clean Barrels?

    That little s a really good question because they are closely related. I am speaking in Celsius. Both are good methods for the right reasons. Typically pasteurization will allow a 5 log reduction in the micro population vs sterilization which is a 6 log reduction in the microbe population...
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    Steam Clean Barrels?

    Just a couple of principles here to keep us on track. There are two functions here: cleaning and sterilizing. Cleaning can be done with pressure and heat to blow off dirt and residue. Sterilizing is a function of time and heat. It takes 15-20 minutes at 121c to sterilize a vessel or 3-4...
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    Zinfandel - what's different?

    I don't know if you have the equipment or not but it would be cool to separate off 25-30 liters and try another yeast. It will expand the possibilities and give you more levers to play with to allow you to bring out different is one of my most favorite parts of the hobby. Good...
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    Dad's old homemade wine

    That is how I got started making wine. I found my grandpa's stash in the basement that he forgot about too! The first bottle I grabbed tasted like a fantastic Sherry and I though - I actually like this stuff! I should try making it too! Thank you for sharing your story!
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    What's on your wine maker's Christmas list?

    @jgmann67 nice find! That is an incredible land!
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    What's new in your cellar?

    @mainshipfred , that is an impressive scientific experiment that you started! Especially in reference to that cab blend with the clone169! Nice job @Johnd ! I have been interested in the playing with the cab clones. Do you think it is worth it?!?
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    Hi, from Utah!

    No I haven't...I haven't made a kit in some time but I was thinking about picking up a white for the winter...sounds like a must read, though.
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    Vintage 2019

    I hope you don't mind. I am moving in and we are buying lots of loto tickets. I know it a bit forward , but I think my wife will be fine with it...she really likes wine! Just saying you have had an incredible run of luck lately!
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    Hi, from Utah!

    Welcome, Nick! It has been a fun ride so far. I am glad you jumped on board. I did a raspberry in 2012 that seems a little light. I added a can of Welches Niagra (white grapejuice,) concentrate to round it out. Just finished the last bottle this year and it has been great! I am looking...
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    Are all airlocks created equal?

    How about this? If you have properly sealed your barrel, as the"angels share" leaves the barrel thought the staves and wood, it leaves a vacuum behind. However, I typically leave my new wine in the garage for a few months. By the time it gets to the basement and warms up I typically have a...
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    What's on your wine maker's Christmas list?

    I like the Shield. If I had the extra cash I would be between that and the XDS...and more grapes in the fall!
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    What's on your wine maker's Christmas list?

    I told Mrs Claus I would like an AIO pump. I am planning a nice bottling party in January to try it out!
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    Mosti Mondiale MM Kits

    @Johnd I like reading about your kit days, John!. You did it big even then!
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