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  1. Julie

    Mrs JohnT.

    Glad to hear this JohnT
  2. Julie

    Hello from south of Pittsburgh, new here

    Welcome Alex
  3. Julie

    Mrs JohnT.

    Wishing the best for her and you JohnT
  4. Julie

    Adding spices to wine

    I would wait until after fermentation then add it
  5. Julie

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!
  6. Julie

    curiousity on how long to keep wine in carboy

    I would rack to another carboy and add the sulfite to the carboy right before I racked into it Why are you afraid to stir/blend and what stage are you at?
  7. Julie

    can I save this batch?

    I ferment in a fermenting bucket with a towel covering the opening, when sg gets between 1.010 and 1.000 I rack to a carboy.
  8. Julie

    can I save this batch?

    I agree it is too early for it to be oxidized.
  9. Julie

    Original Skeeter Pee Recipe

    I would cap the beer bottles, not sure how strong the neck would be to take a cork plus I am not sure if there are corks that slim to fit into a beer bottle.
  10. Julie


    All my blends our done after fermentation.
  11. Julie

    New Member from Pennsylvania

    Welcome to winemakingtalk
  12. Julie

    Jelly wine help

    Do you have an airlock on the carboy? I would take it off. Actually it should stay in a primary bucket until sg is around 1.010 before racking to a carboy.
  13. Julie

    Freeze distilled peach wine?

    I should have been a little more clearer. Distilling is not legal in all states, where the server for this forum is housed, distilling is illegal so we do not discuss such methods.
  14. Julie

    Freeze distilled peach wine?

    Sorry, sour_grapes is correct, we will not discuss distillation on the forum.
  15. Julie

    Elderberry/Grape Twist - My Latest Wine Batch

    I normally use 4# of elderberry per gallon and once I am done with the skins in that batch, put them into a batch of Niagara.
  16. Julie

    Should I puree my berries?

    I agree with Scooter68. I would make a smaller batch or use Niagara juice.
  17. Julie

    Tyler from Pittsburgh area

    Hi Tyler, welcome to winemaking talk. I haven't had a winemaker's get together in awhile but I'm thinking we need to. How close to Saxonburg are you?
  18. Julie

    Newbie here

    Hi Clariden, welcome to winemakingtalk
  19. Julie

    Peppermint wine anyone?

    Just now seeing this. I, also, make a candy cane wine. Actually my last on was in 2012 and my daughter-in-laws and I finished that up this Christmas. So I need to make another batch. We all loved it and I will be making another batch.
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