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  1. pillswoj

    Merlot Kit tastes sweet and is super thin

    A few years back I tried a super cheap costco kit (worse then the argentia ridge) I think it was branded Europea and claimed to be a "Merlot style" it remains the only kit I have ever dumped. Even after fermenting dry it had a cloying sweetness that I attributed to an over abundance of...
  2. pillswoj

    Merlot Kit tastes sweet and is super thin

    What kit exactly? Was there a reserve pack added? A wine that finished at .990 will not taste sweet.
  3. pillswoj

    New Winexpert Kits

    I plan to let my local RJS dealer know they will be getting more of my business because of this move by Vineco and that they should send word up the chain not to mess with reducing volumes on the high end kits.
  4. pillswoj

    RJ Spagnols RJS Cru International

    I really like the BC Pinot Noir, very nice at 6- 8 months as a lighter drinking red.
  5. pillswoj

    RJS 2020 Restricted Quantities announced!

    The Darb in December and the Big Shot was the 1st week of February.
  6. pillswoj

    RJS 2020 Restricted Quantities announced!

    I have the first 2 Reds, The Darb and The Big Shot
  7. pillswoj

    Cellar Craft Fans, Whats your favorite kit?

    Depends on the kit, I will likely do the Walla Walla cab Merlot repeatedly, but the RJS Amarone won out of the Showcase Amarone in my house. Overall I do a lot more RJS EP then I do the CC Showcase.
  8. pillswoj

    3 weeks and still fermenting

    I do cold ferments on my Riesling kits and they can take 8 weeks at 50F. What temperature is your friends fermentation area at?
  9. pillswoj

    Other Tweeking Cheap Kits

    @sugar be careful with the peppercorns, it does not take much to overpower any other flavours in the wine.
  10. pillswoj

    WineXpert Winexpert LE Fortitude

    Fortitude never impressed me, it was light in body and aging did not really help. It along with the LE Super Tuscan were the 2 kits that convinced me to stop doing the Winexpert LEs every year. Last year I did none of them, this year I will be doing the South African Cape Blend but if it is...
  11. pillswoj

    RJS Cru International Meritage (Canadian Okanagan)

    Good luck with that, my impression was a glycerine overload from the fpack which was all I was able to taste. My wife liked it but I won't ever make it again.
  12. pillswoj

    Wine Kit Sadness

    Worse is a batch that was wonderful at 2 years so you put the last 6 aside and it loses something when you open one at 4 years
  13. pillswoj

    Push, Pull or Gravity?

    I don't think you will gravity thru a .35 micron filter. I have a mini jet so I push, but would have no problem using my AIO to pull if I didn't.
  14. pillswoj

    Hi there am really new to this and looking for help on a recipe o wish I hadn’t started

    Assuming that the question is how to get more fruit taste / aroma, once fermentation is complete SG under 1.000, stabilize with Potassium Sorbate and potassium Metabisulphite then backsweeten up to ~1.005 - 1.010. Fruit wines need some sugar to bring the flavours out. The problem you still...
  15. pillswoj

    Wine Explosion! My Fault???

    Any RJS kit I have bought (I buy mostly RJS). Is also shrink wrapped with plastic, if this one was not then the question is who removed the wrap and why.
  16. pillswoj

    Cab smells of KMeta

    You have been adding kmeta every 3 months but not racking? If so you have probably got the sulphite level a little high. Racking it should introduce enough Oxygen to consume the excess. I have always considered the rule of thumb 1/4 tsp every 3 months to include racking the wine at the same time.
  17. pillswoj

    About To Try the RJ Spagnols Super Tuscan

    The Eclipse Lodi CS was possibly the most meh high end kit I have done, It did undergo a change for the better at around 23 months but never wowed me, I have one bottle left 4.5 years old. The Eclipse Stags leap Merlot was excellent at 2 years, unfortunately was gone before 3 years. The RJS EP...
  18. pillswoj

    RJ Spagnols Does anyone add oak to their port kits?

    I add oak to the Blackforest Port (RJS) along with using brandy for topping up every time it gets racked during bulk aging. I added a couple of tablespoons of ground Dark Roast coffee to the RJS Coffee Port I made, it after 2 years of aging is fantastic.
  19. pillswoj

    What is The Best Nebbiolo Kit?

    Especially if you pick varieties that are lighter to begin with. I often do the RJS Cru International BC Pinot Noir when needing a quicker red, make it according to the schedule and bottle age for 2 - 3 months, it is very drinkable.
  20. pillswoj

    WineXpert WE sulfite/sorbate packet

    I think you also have to keep in mind that Winexpert's primary business is the brew store franchises where they make the wine on site for you, combining the packages makes it easier for them. This is no different then the change in instructions they did about 2 years ago where they reduced the...
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