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  1. Ernest T Bass

    Floor Corker

    I'm fixin to bite the bullet and buy a floor corker. Been looking a a Portuguese Red and a Portuguese Burgendy, Both around $80,00, Is the Burgendy worth the extra $10.00, it looks like it may be a little stronger with the extra up-right support? Or - what is the recommended floor corker...
  2. Ernest T Bass

    How long does it take you to get a pH reading with Milwaukee meter?

    What happened ? I thought I posted my reply. If I were checking a pH near 4.0 I would check and see what a buffer of 4.0 read. should read 4.0, then check my sample. When going from a higher pH to a lower pH, it takes longer than when going from a lower pH to a higher pH Semper Fi
  3. Ernest T Bass

    Red Dog Vineyards is Very Bad

    Buy from Isons and you will have no problems.
  4. Ernest T Bass

    Order of using pectic enzyme and campden tablets

    A old wine maker at a winery told me to never add two things at the same time, add one and the next day add another, what's the hurry.
  5. Ernest T Bass

    Red wine has vinegar smell.

    Just read a article tonite in Wime Making Mag that said that if it smells like vinegar to "Chunk it" and don't use it on anything, "Chunk" the vinegar also, no cure for it. If the vinegar isn't too strong and you can stand the taste to drink it fast, otherwise "Chunk" it. Semper Fi
  6. Ernest T Bass

    From Bucket to Carbouy

    Just read a post by SPR and a answer by heaterd. Here's how I transfer from bucket to carbouy, and is it okay to do it this way? I make mostly fruit wine and when the SpGr reaches about 1.010 I put a paint strainer over a 5 gallon bucket and dip about a quart of the hulls and juice out and...
  7. Ernest T Bass

    Corks not bottoming out

    Will do and thanks for the help Semper Fi
  8. Ernest T Bass

    Off taste in muscadine wine

    Another question from Ernest T. I have some Muscadine/Elderberry wine that is about a year old and it has a off taste. I would call it a medicine taste, I've tried adding acid blend, pH was 3.4 and brought it to 3.0 with no change, added potassium bicarbonate and brought it to 3.6 with no...
  9. Ernest T Bass

    Corks not bottoming out

    It is a double lever corker and has no adjustment, does that help?
  10. Ernest T Bass

    Corks not bottoming out

    Just bottled 15 bottles of muscadine wine. Out of 15 bottles, only 2 of them had the cork flush with the top of the bottle. They all felt like they bottomed out and the lever went all the way down just like the 2 that were flush with the top of the bottle. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for...
  11. Ernest T Bass

    How you like this?

  12. Ernest T Bass

    Suggestions for a topping wine

    I think I would just rack to a smaller jug. It's hard enuf with pure muscadine juice to get a muscadine taste and smell. Semper Fi
  13. Ernest T Bass

    Black Muscadine must will not ferment

    Agree with all of the above. I would check pH meter, sounds a lot too high. Semper Fi
  14. Ernest T Bass

    2015 muscadine

    Also, did you use any water, if so how much?
  15. Ernest T Bass

    2015 muscadine

    Looks great. How many pounds or gallons of muscadines did you use per gallon. Did last years wine smell and taste like muscadines. I;ve trued fir the last four years to make good muscadine wine and none of it smelled or tasted like muscadine. It was pretty good, but you couldn't tell what...
  16. Ernest T Bass

    Need ideas

    Transferred to secondary today (1.012). Used a pound of chopped rasins and added some chared oak (I chared it). It smelled pretty bad so I added about a TBS of cinniman to kill the smell, didn't smell as bad as the horse radish I made a couple of years ago, haven't got my nerve up enuf to...
  17. Ernest T Bass

    Need ideas

    I am starting a 3 gallon batch of scratch wine. Chicken Scratch (milo, wheat and cracked corn). Read Jack Kellers recipe and no new ideas there, except to add rasins. Started tonite, 1 gallon of scratch, threw out anything that floated. added 3 liters of water and a little less than 1/4 tsp...
  18. Ernest T Bass

    Muscadines and lots of them.

    I'm trying something different this year. I crush them first, then freeze them. A one gallon freezer bag will hold 5 lbs of muscadines, if you crush them first the freezer bag will hold 6 lbs, not a big advantage unless you have lots of muscadines. Thought about freezing the juice and hulls...
  19. Ernest T Bass

    Elderberry cuttings/plants

    Never heard of it either. Is "Liquid Fence" the name on the jug? Again, where can I get it? Don't leave us hanging Semper Fi
  20. Ernest T Bass

    Elderberry cuttings/plants

    True Gary, but there is a lot of work before the grilling. Semper Fi