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    Apfelwein Kegging?

    if you use nitrogen instead of co2 it will not be carbonated
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    evil rhubarb update

    remember the green goo that i made, guys? didnt know what to expect! here we are, a month later, sitting in jugs, clearing some more. when it was just slowing down, i threw 2 pounds of frozen strawberrys in the primary for a week. then racked to secondary for 2 weeks. clearing nicely:D. ill...
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    Fresh Fruit Wine

    Tom, lots of us here do country(fruit) wines. i like elderberry, apple, blackberry etc. all the good stuff that grows wild in boonieville N.Y.!
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    Berry Wine

    what is this stuff you speak of Wade? gotta remember, i only use apple cider, and fresh fruit. what is malt made from? (man, i gotta sound stupid!) i use elderberrys to give the body to my blackberry. kind of the same thing?
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    Welcome Wade!

    hear! hear! i fully concur! congrats Wade! you get to control the nuts in here!oh, wait, thats me.
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    Pay Per View Rhubarb Spanking of ArcticSid

    Allie, NOT to get in on this, but i must say this, troy is just being foolish (ie. funnin' with ya"). i dont think he is being serious with all the rhubarb stuff;) hell, i dont think he's serious about much!(except wine!). this seems to be a fun group ,as opposed to other boards that take...
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    evil looking rhubarb

    so true Allie! its got everthing a winemaker needs, hot and cold running water, the toilet to get rid of the lees (my septic system gives me NO problems with all the yeasties i flush down there!) good thing we have two bathrooms:D. our guests call it my latoratory!
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    evil looking rhubarb

    Troy its fermenting like crazy right now:D, i'm pretty sure its gonna be okay, its just that i've never run into this before. i did freeze the rhubarb before i started it, i try to always freeze first. i sure helps breaking the fruit down. the stalks were all green, hardly any red to them:(...
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    evil looking rhubarb

    did not use any peptic enzyme Troy. the recipe did not call for it. i did not have hardly ANY pulp in the bottom of mine. i mashed the rhubarb with a 2by 4 in my bucket then soaked the pulp in water(and k met) for 3 days, them strained out the pulp and started the must from there. will keep a...
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    evil looking rhubarb

    four days later! wow! i've never seen such a drastic change in color in such a short time. does this look right? its REALLY cooking along too!
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    evil looking rhubarb

    made this rhubarb wine the other day. kinda gruesome looking, huh? i used Jack Kellers' recipie. never done rhubarb before. wait till you see the next pic!
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    Using Frozen Fruit?

    whats a sultana?
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    Historical methods

    then again, Wade's got a hell of a point:D:D:D
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    Historical methods

    im thinking that WAY back then, they wernt keeping wines and beers very long. it "kept" as long as they needed it to. as time went on, people learned that if you kept things kinda clean, hey, things "kept" alot better. so, now we can keep the fruits of our labor that much longer:D
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    Bottle Question

    damn it Wade, you beat me to it! those are cool bottles no matter what! fwiw/ i'd use them to do wine, course, wine dont last long here!
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    will this container work??

    15 gal. thats huge:D its gonna be heavy when full though. be VERY careful, that thing will blow bad if it ever does go. did you have to buy it? if it was free, then you scored big time!
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    thats just about my recipe Wade! its a good one too:D
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    Released gas and do I really need to rack?

    if you dont mind the haze, then its no big deal. i've bottled plenty of wine with only one or two rackings. they say it doesnt even affect the taste. i think i agree, but then, who am i to say, i'm a cider junky!
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    cloudy apple

    i'm with you Luc, i've never had to use clearing agents in any of my wines, incuding my apple, and i make like 75 gal. a year of it! gotta give it some time! 3 rackings at least.
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    Slow fermentation progress, should I worry yet?

    its just cooking slow Troy. i noticed that when i used the Monch(sp) yeast, i like the Lavalin 1118. lets you see it go!