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    Slow bubbling port kit

    I just started an RJS Black Forest port kit (last year's, but was told it would be ok w/new yeast). I followed directions - gently stirred in bentonite, then sprinkled yeast on top w/o rehydrating. The picture showed a bucket w/ a good deal of headspace, so I put the 3 gallon kit into a 5 gal...
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    Chocolate orange port from WINE kit?

    I was planning to do a chocolate orange port for Christmas, but can’t find a kit. There is a kit for choc. orange wine, though. If I make only 4 or 5 gallons (instead of 6) and use brandy when I like the sweetness, will it give me a good port? Or does anyone have a recipe for such a port? I...
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    Make port from wine kit?

    I really wanted to make a chocolate orange port for Christmas this year, but it seems the manufacturers rotate the flavors and didn’t produce one this year. The closest I’ve seen is a chocolate orange wine kit (Island Mist, I think.). Can I turn half of it - which would be 3 gal - into a port...
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    Mosti Mondiale Questions making La Bodega port

    I have been making La Bodega using the directions that came with it. My latest reading is .998 I have racked twice and added everything except the flavor bag which I planned to add right before bottling. Now I have found the extra instructions, and have a few questions: - the original...