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    wine fermentation not starting

    Started a 6 gallon box kit for a cabernet savignon about 15 hours ago. Starting SG was 1.060. Primary fermenter is a bucket under airlock. Stirred heavily before adding yeast. We just sprinkled the yeast (lavilin EC-1118) in to the must that was at ~90 degrees, without stirring. We used "spring...
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    mist wine

    if a kit says it is a mist wine, what does this mean?
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    homemade degas'er

    would this work, providing i sanitized it? i made it from an aluminum coat hanger. i am a poor college student and paying $20 for the commercial ones is kind of expensive for me.
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    plastic shavings in wine!

    so i was inspecting my wine today and noticed tiny plastic shavings floating on top and stuck to the sides of the glass carboy. i believe they came from a plastic stir rod that i used to degas- the friction between the rod and inlet of the carboy while stirring caused some of the plastic to rub...
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    topping up

    how far do I need to top up to? is this high enough? It is in the secondary fermentation stage. I am thinking of aging it in this carboy too and just reracking every couple weeks as sediment appears. also, if i top up with a store bought wine, do i have to make sure that it is one without...