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    Help with Carbonating Elderflower Champagne please

    Im in need of A bit of help for my Elderflower Sparkly wine/champagne please. I am about a week into fermenting 23L and I just took a sample, the SG is now at 1010, it tastes lovely and it is still bubbling every 30secs or so. My question is about the carbonation, I want it nice and fizzy so...
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    Anyone had a Red Kit take a really long time to ferment?

    Quick question y’all please, has anyone had a Red wine kit take a lot longer than normal to stop fermenting? I am making my second 30bottle “Make Your Own” red kit from The Range and unlike the first kit this one seems to be really slowing down, it’s about 1038 after just over a week. It’s...
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    Advice needed MYO winekit, when and what flavours to add?

    Howdy folks, hope everyone is supping well and staying safe. This is my first post after making my first ever red wine kit (first of many I am sure) and I am looking for some advice please. A little bit of background before I ask my question. I managed to get hold of two short dated red wine...