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    All Must Go, Pittsburgh Area!

    How much would for the press?
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    Wine making instructions for my fiance

    I believe MLF is going strong. When pressing and transferring the wine had a pretty harsh taste that quickly faded into a rich jamy character. I am assuming that both age and MLF will change that astringency into a smoother flavor. My only other question is that somehow during pressing a got...
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    Wine making instructions for my fiance

    Update: I had to be on the phone with her the whole time, but the additives were measured and the yeast was successfully pitched. She stuggled a little but she checked this morning and it's already going strong. I'll be doing mlf with ch16 whenever I get home next week
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    Wine making instructions for my fiance

    So another beginner question here what's the harm in a stuck/very slow mlf? If I'm again this for over a year in a carboy is it really going to be an issue?
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    Wine making instructions for my fiance

    What exactly does compatibility mean? Will the yeast and bacteria compete, does BM 45 not do well because it won't feed the bacteria enough? does 45 produce enough soft acids to round the wine so malolactic is not needed? Is it because it produces high H2S if it isn't fed well enough? Does it...
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    Wine making instructions for my fiance

    I'll be gone for at least another week or so, so unless she clears out space in the chest freezer I don't think keeping them cold is going to be an option. She knows to call if she has any questions. I think everything is pretty clear? I told her if all else fails pitch the yeast throw some...
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    Wine making instructions for my fiance

    Hello all, I am relatively new to wine making, and am getting grapes and juice. I however will not be home when my juice and grapes come in. My fiance will be in charge of starting the wine and I will be home in about a week or so. These are my instructions to her. Let me know if you think they...
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    Keystone Homebrew customers

    Anyone know when keystone is taking orders for spring grapes?
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    Cabernet Sauvignon of wedding

    I need some help choosing a kit. I am getting married on August 3rd of this year and want to make 2 kits to hand out with labeled bottles as favors. We are using 375 ml bottles and each household (55) is getting one bottle. The intention is to tell people to take the bottle home and on our 1...