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    evil rhubarb update

    remember the green goo that i made, guys? didnt know what to expect! here we are, a month later, sitting in jugs, clearing some more. when it was just slowing down, i threw 2 pounds of frozen strawberrys in the primary for a week. then racked to secondary for 2 weeks. clearing nicely:D. ill...
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    evil looking rhubarb

    made this rhubarb wine the other day. kinda gruesome looking, huh? i used Jack Kellers' recipie. never done rhubarb before. wait till you see the next pic!
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    nfg from upstate NY

    new guy from the snowy north! been making wine and cider for 20+ years. dont do grape wine, i really like the country wines. almost all apple cider based. i'm always putting some thing in there with the cider, elderberrys, blackberrys,etc. i live out in the sticks so its easy to pick LOTS of...