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    Wine from Grapefruit Juice

    I just aquired about 30 litres of pink grapefruit juice. It's the shelf stable kind, just past its expiration date, but still tastes ok. There's no sorbates listed in on the label, so I think I'm good to go. A quick googling turned up a few recipes, but they all seem to use the skins or...
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    High Gravity winemaking.

    I'm trying something a bit different with a concentrated Pinot Noir wine kit. I've taken the concentrate from two wine kits and reconstituted them both to a total of 23 litres. My plan is to rack it into a big demi-john and bring the volume up to 46 litres with water after the initial...
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    pomegranate wine (how does this sound?)

    I aquired about 14litres of Pom juice the other day. It's a few days past it's expiration date, but it tastes ok, so I decided to try some pomagranate wine. 7 litres of pom juice + water to 6 US gallons, white sugar to 1.080 SG, 5 campden tabs, crushed and dissolved yeast nutrient...
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    Can I save this?

    I started a savinon blanc kit today. Unfortunately, I had a brain fart and ended up with way too much s02 in there. I usually pour about a pint of stock metabisulphite solution into my primary, swish it around to wet the entire surface, then drain the excess out, leaving the surface wet...
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    swapping yeast in a kit

    Has anyone ever experimented with different yeast strains in a wine kit? I've found that almost all the moderately priced kits I've bought use lalvin EC-1118 champagne yeast. It's very reliable and forgiving, but it also ferments out just about everything in it's path. Last weekend, I...
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    Ontario, Canada

    Hi; I've been making wine and beer for about 20 years. Mostly from kits and concentrates, but I have experimented with some fruit wines and ciders from scratch. I've just gotten the space to expand my hobby, and I have a Kegerator with equipment for making force carbonated beverages.