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  1. Deezil

    'Mr. 3000'

    (Bernie Mac reference, for those that dont know lol) Post #3000, in 5 years... Dont do the math, I already did lol. I'm glad to be a part of such a wonderful community, even though I've been pretty busy/MIA lately, I'm always thinking about a large handful of folks here that I'm lucky enough...
  2. Deezil

    Life just wins, sometimes

    This last week really tested me. I couldn't make this post before this. Last Saturday, we had to put down a family member. 5 year old tri-colored Welsh Corgi You'll be missed for a long time, Kayni. Blew a disc in her back, pinched a nerve and she lost recognition of her back legs. Technically...
  3. Deezil

    Birthday Boy

    I'm alive, I swear! Just wanted to take this opportunity to tell all the friends that I've made here on WMT, I'm sorry for being MIA. Life grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, and I've been so busy that I've lost 35lbs this summer. Sorry to my fellow Mods, for 'dropping the ball' lately; I...
  4. Deezil

    A Journey in a Journal

    Back by popular demand! ... Okay, not really lol. I find that the notes I take on the forum are better than the notes I take in my actual wine journal; so for the benefit of everyone, I've decided to bring this Wine Journal back to life. For good, this time. Here's some of the wines I'm still...
  5. Deezil

    A Boulder

    Boulder smashes through Italian farm Speechless...
  6. Deezil

    Yeast Nutrients

    So in order to get get a firm grasp on Yeast Nutrients, we need to first understand YAN. YAN stands for Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen - which itself, is comprised of two parts: Primary Amino Nitrogen (PAN) & Ammonia. Amino Nitrogen content of a must can be determined using the 'NOPA...
  7. Deezil

    Autism Awareness Day

    Today's the day. You might see blue ribbons flying; some TV channels have changed their logos blue.. You may be wondering why. It's Autism. When my brother was diagnosed ('99-'00), the rate was 1 in 250 children. Today? 1 in 50. If you haven't been exposed to someone with Autism, don't know...
  8. Deezil

    Banana Bochet Port

    Figured i might as well post this, since i've been kicking it around in my head pretty solid since the lightbulb flickered on.. I found a "commercial version" of *kinda* what im aiming for (minus the bourbon barrel)... What im thinking so far: 5 Gallons Banana Melomel/Port 100lbs bananas...
  9. Deezil

    2012 Riesling

    With these Riesling grapes coming my way in a couple weeks, ive been trying to work myself through the process i've got a head of me and it seems one of my bigger obstacles is choosing which yeast strain to go with.. Lalvin tries to suggest 1118 for late harvest wines but i know better.. Yes...
  10. Deezil

    Untoasted Oak

    I wanna get more familiar with untoasted oak & am looking for a quality source. probably cubes if i can be picky, i know i dont want shavings/powder. How about anything other than American oak? :) Lots of that it seems, says Google .. Hungarian/French? Or are they all toasted? Any who are...
  11. Deezil

    Understanding Growing Degree Days

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around this concept completely, hopefully some can help, but lets see what i understand this far. Growing Degree Days - a measurement calculated to gauge the progression of plants through the annual life cycle. In grapes, im assuming this is how they...
  12. Deezil

    Who's Growing What?

    Thought it might be fun to start an over-all thread where we can list what we're growing, sort of like the thread about the wines people have in various stages.
  13. Deezil


    I think it was Joeswine who mentioned this in one of his threads.. Possibly the almond wine thread? Not sure at the moment.. I had heard of it before, looked into it and im interested in how it works.. Any information from some of you more technical peeps with maybe some pdf's or...
  14. Deezil


    Just came across this site, I'm sure i'm not the only one who's scratched their head when it comes to pronouncing some of the grape wine names.. Thought i'd share :dg