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  1. berrycrush

    Marquette starting veraison......

    Mine are all purple. Surprising considering they bud late this year.
  2. berrycrush


    What do you guys do with cicadas? I noticed quite a few of them on my vines. So I put on my bird net early just in case.
  3. berrycrush

    What’s eating my vines?

    Oh dear (deer)
  4. berrycrush

    Good Morning 2021 Growing Season

    I heard that turning on sprinkler helps to ward off frost
  5. berrycrush

    Used wine bottles

    Oven 250 F 15 minutes, peel off label, wipe off glue with WD-40, wash in dishwasher.
  6. berrycrush

    starting cuttings

    For the last few years, I have been sticking my cutting in a pot with potting soil and leave them on my balcony, they all grow OK. I transfer the ones I needed to the field the next year.
  7. berrycrush

    My Covid project

    Nice sliding-out racks! Same here with dwindling supplies since Covid. Hope we can get back to normal this year.
  8. berrycrush

    Describing taste

    Try Barolo or Nebbiolo
  9. berrycrush

    Fruit drop

    I live an hour away from my vineyard. I only found out from my wildlife cams. They have been eating my grapes since mid August, the camera caught one on the first night of the setup. Then they disappeared. I do have electric fence but they ware strung up high for deer. I laid down a few lower...
  10. berrycrush

    Fruit drop

    It turns out the culprit is raccoon. How do you guy deal with them?
  11. berrycrush

    Fruit drop

    I have Leon Millot, Frontenac, Marquette, Cab Sauv, Somerset, Candice. They are all doing this this year. Didn't happen last year and years before, at lease not at this scale. Last year is the actually the first season that yield a decent harvest.
  12. berrycrush

    Fruit drop

    I had severe fruit drop in August on most of my vines, especially those heavily-produced ones last year. The berries just fall off from the stem with the lightest touch, some of them are not even fully purple. Any theory why this happen? There are some excessive hot days (100F) this summer, I...
  13. berrycrush


    Some of the grape clusters in the video would freak most of us out because the look of mold infection, but they seem totally nonchalant. Maybe we are too sensitive to diseases and too spray inclined.
  14. berrycrush


    Winegrowing on Lanzarote | DW | 08.08.2020
  15. berrycrush


    Guess what's growing here (Click the link )
  16. berrycrush

    What's in your glass tonight?

    Summer Peach from Black Cellars. Peach and Chardonnay. Peach nose, deep and long palate like a good Sancere. Fantastic.
  17. berrycrush

    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    Check this out:
  18. berrycrush

    Post your clusters

    Wow, it is sure changing color. Mine are still green.
  19. berrycrush

    Post your clusters

    Last year Marquette veraison started in early July. I was hoping to pick them together with Leon Millot but realized that it was impossible. I picked on August 18th, although there were some over-ripen clusters, but on average the Brix was about right. When you see bugs swarming the clusters, it...
  20. berrycrush

    Post a photo, any photo

    Great catch! What kind of fish is that?