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  1. pettyus

    Mosti Mondiale Through The Grapevine Sauvignon Blanc

    Just picked this kit up pretty cheaply and was reading the instructions and noticed that there wasn't any indication on what the starting SG should be (day 1 hydrometer reading)...does anyone have any experience with this kit who could share?
  2. pettyus

    WineXpert Selection International Montepulciano

    Well, getting near the point of bottling my first kit and was wondering what others thought about additional k-meta addition for continued protection in the bottle. It has been about 6 weeks since I finalized the stabilizing and clearing step (step 3), and two weeks after that I racked (step...
  3. pettyus

    Hey from NW Indiana!

    Hello everyone...just joined today after browsing around looking for tips. I'm very new to winemaking--my wife and I have just started as a new hobby. (Not very new to wine drinking and collecting, though!!) For our first attempt we are trying Winexpert's Montepulciano. We are currently...