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  1. rpawell

    Glass Marble Size?

    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, my engineering brain won't let me rest until I determine the best size. I'll let you know what I find.
  2. rpawell

    Glass Marble Size?

    I decided I am going to use glass marbles to top off my carboys after primary fermentation, does size matter? I am looking into either 9/16" or 3/8". I feel the 9/16" marble will allow more sediment to permeate, thus making it easier to remove a "clear" product. The downside to the larger...
  3. rpawell

    Santa Barbara Supplier

    My roommate and I just started brewing beer and fermenting wine in the closet beneath our staircase. I orginally purchased the kits from, but they are located in AZ. I am located in Santa Barabara and looking for a supplier preferably in Southern California. Anyone have any...
  4. rpawell

    Half-filled carboy ok?

    Is it alright if I fill a 6-gallon carboy up with just 3 gallons for secondary fermentation or will the extra air alter the wine?
  5. rpawell

    About to get started

    Hey all, I just ordered a wine making kit from ( Is there anymore necessary equipment or inngredients that I should look in to? rp