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  1. Dugger

    New Life for Wine Glass

    Some time ago I broke the stem on one of my Riedel glasses and being of frugal Scot anscestory I kept the pieces and tried to think of a way to connect the stem pieces. I was recently throwing out a used nomacorc (synthetic) and some synapsis fired and I thought, why not? So I cut out the ends...
  2. Dugger

    Wine Lovers Sink

    Found a new sink for the wineroom - probably need a lock on the door now to keep the neighbours out!!
  3. Dugger

    RJ Spagnols Winery Series White Wines

    Spagnols have now included two white wines in their Cellar Classic Winery Series line up - a Chile Chardonnay and a South Africa Sauvignon Blanc and are using a different yeast strain, a QA23 Portuguese yeast. It will be interesting to see if these whites live up to the standards of the reds in...
  4. Dugger

    RJ Spagnols Winery Series Super Tuscan Wins!

    My wife and I are visiting her cousin in Pennsylvania and on the way here I had a glass of Super Tuscan at a restaurant. I hadn't seen a commercial one before so I had to try it and at $12.50 a glass I figured it should be pretty good. Well it was OK but seemed a bit thin and light in color but...
  5. Dugger

    Other Your Top 5 Wine Kits

    OK, a number of posts have talked about the RJS Super Tuscan and many times Rocky mentions this is one of his top 5 kits, so Rocky, it's time to come clean - what are your top 5 kits? While we're at it, why don't we kit makers all list our top 5 kits - this may help us choose our next one to...
  6. Dugger

    RJ Spagnols RJS Orange Choc Port

    I got a pleasant surprise tonight. Taking a break from kitchen renovations, I decided to go through some boxes of wine stuck under the stairs in the basement and I found a box of this OC port that I made in May of 2011. I also found a box of various wines and among them were 2 bottles of this...
  7. Dugger

    U-Vints to be Legal in Nova Scotia

    Well. our provincial government has finally got its head out of the sand and agreed that ferment on premises will be allowed in Nova Scotia. U-vints have been operating on a very small basis here for a few years and there has been some legal action to stop them and one particular operator has...
  8. Dugger

    Don't Do What I Did!!

    This is a minor slip up that could prove disastrous and I can't believe I did it so I'm telling you so it won't happen to you! I made a Spagnols GCI Brunello kit last Sept. and had it sitting for about 10 months in the carboy so I decided to rack it the end of July and bottle it shortly...
  9. Dugger

    RJ Spagnols Rosso Grande Eccellente

    One of our local brew shops has the RJS Winery Series Rosso Grande Eccellente on special this month and I'm wondering how it compares to the Super Tuscan in the same series. Anyone know what blend the Rosso is - is it another Italian blend?
  10. Dugger

    RJ Spagnols 1st Taste of Super Tuscan

    Well it's hot here today so after doing some work I decided to go down into my wine room in the basement and read where it's cooler (a Jack Reacher book by Lee Child for those who like them). I looked to see what I might sip on while there and decided to sample my RJS Winery Series Super Tuscan...
  11. Dugger

    Happy Canada Day

    I would like to wish a happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadian winemakers on here. Hope you all have a great day - it's sunny and warm here in Nova Scotia so a grand day for all the activities. .. Doug
  12. Dugger

    Cheesemaker Wannabe

    This is something I would like to try but there are no local sources that I can find for supplies. I've tried to get some rennet but the closest seems to be in Quebec. It so happens that I will leaving tomorrow for Woburn, Mass, just outside Boston, to attend a funeral and there is a...
  13. Dugger

    Carboy Lifter

    There are occasional threads about carboy lifters and I came across this one in an old issue of WineMaker magazine ( Aug/Sept 2005) and thought it might be of some interest to you. Hope the scan shows well enough to read.
  14. Dugger

    OLd World Nocino Recipe

    The latest news letter from Grapestompers had this interesting recipe that some of you may wish to try - it sounds rather intriguing! OK, so who's got walnut trees?! Stomper Guest Column Old World Italian Nocino Recipe By Frank Catanzarite, Lakeland, FL From a posting in r e c . f o o d ...
  15. Dugger

    Old Wine Finally Shines

    I made a kit with my brother in law and his son back in Feb, 1999. This was before I started keeping records so I don't know what kind of kit it was, other than it was probably an inexpensive one - we made a lot of California Connoisseur back then. The label we put on says Fruit Wine and it has...
  16. Dugger

    JMAO Mead

    Does this mead typically finish dry? Mine is going on 4 months and is at 1.020 and I don't know if it is supposed to keep going since this is my first effort at mead. I followed the recipe, didn't take a starting SG for some reason, and it fermented well and has been still for a while now and...
  17. Dugger

    RJ Spagnols Winery Series Kit Questions

    My first kit for the new year will be the Winery Series Super Tuscan which has received high praise on this forum. It's my 100th kit since starting in '95 so I thought I'd make it a special one. Anyway, a couple of questions since I've not made a winery series before: 1. Do those of you who...
  18. Dugger

    Ist Time for Mead

    I tried to post this in the sticky article on Joe's ancient orange mead in the recipe section but it didn't work - maybe sticky's don't post? My nephew will be harvesting honey soon and has suggested we make some mead. I have no experience with this and this recipe seems to be the best way...
  19. Dugger

    Happy Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians - hope you all have a great day!
  20. Dugger

    Delay Bottling?

    I have a Brew House beer kit going and it is due for bottling ( day 20+/-) and I don't have time to bottle it right now (going away on a fishing trip) - can I leave it in the carboy for an extra week? It is clear and ready to prime/bottle but in a cool, dark place now.