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  1. SSMcKelley

    Post your labels here

    Every year my wife likes me to make a “Christmas Wine” we can share with family and friends. We’ve used this Label now for a couple of years and it has become our standard Christmas label.
  2. SSMcKelley

    Help for a beginner

    This makes good sense. Thank you all for the input!
  3. SSMcKelley

    Help for a beginner

    Thanks again. I did call a Jack Daniels rep and asked how the chips were processed. If I use them, I can do so with relative confidence. I’ve had several bourbon barrel wines and enjoyed them all. I agree that they should be used in small amounts to determine how they will affect the wine...
  4. SSMcKelley

    Help for a beginner

    Thank you all for your input! I will do more research especially in the area of yeast selection. I am also thinking of using Oak chips from Jack Daniels bourbon barrels. Any thoughts there?
  5. SSMcKelley

    Help for a beginner

    Hello! I’ve been making wine for about eight years and I’ve been using fresh juice for the last few. The winds of turned out well I think but I’d like them to be better. I just bought buckets of Tuscan Rosso, old Vine Zin, and Amarone. I was given Yeast packets when I picked up the juice and...