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  1. RobertChartier

    Mixed Berry Port

    Here is my plan as it stands. Please critique. I have the following bunches of frozen fruits available to me. 7 pounds of Blueberries 4 pounds of blackberries 4 pounds of Raspberries 1 pound of strawberries I have 2 1/2 pounds of table grapes (for additional tannins, if nothing else) and a...
  2. RobertChartier

    Tropical wine question

    Hey all, need some feedback on a tropical wine I am contemplating. I'm looking at trying a wine consisting of Orange, Pineapple and Banana flavors. My question for you, is what ratio to go with. I'd like the flavors to be balanced. I don't want to make it such that one flavor dominates...
  3. RobertChartier

    Questions and opinions

    Hey all, I've been making wine for a bit over a year now, and I'm running out of room. Earlier this year, I built a wine rack in my basement. Now, bear with me, at the time, the only real tools I had were a circular saw, a cordless electric drill and a tape measure. It was made...
  4. RobertChartier

    Tropical Wine

    Hey all. Looking to make a "tropical" wine. I recently made a pineapple (from concentrates) and it came out quite good. I'm toying with some or all of the following fresh fruits, which will be frozen then thawed prior to making the wine. Pineapple Banana Papya Mango Now, I know...
  5. RobertChartier


    I just walked through the produce section with my wife. As I did so, I evaluated every type of produce, as far as what kind of wine I could make with it, and how much I would need to do so. Is this a bad sign? Sent from my iPhone using Wine Making
  6. RobertChartier

    Strawberry wine question

    I am planning both a strawberry and a blueberry wine in the near future. I am estimating 30 Lbs of strawberries for a 5 gallon batch, with another 6 Lbs for an F-pac As for blueberry, I wad thinking 25 Lbs initially, with another 5 for the F-pac. Do the quantities sound about right? Sent...
  7. RobertChartier

    Other what is a good red kit

    I am still pretty new at this, only making wine since last October. I've made an apple wine from fresh cider, an RJS Blackberry Blast, and have 3 others "from scratch" batches aging right now. I just bottled my Wine Expert Peach Raspberry Sangria, and RJS Green Apple Delight. The wife...
  8. RobertChartier

    Wife wants the freezer empty

    Wife is after me to clean up the freezer. I'm hoping I have enough here to make at least a 3 gallon batch of wine. This is what I have for flash frozen fruit. Strawberry: 3 lbs, 14 oz Blackberry: 14 Oz Blueberry: 4 Lbs, 5 Oz Bananas: 8 Lbs, 7 Oz (about 1/3...
  9. RobertChartier

    An onion and Garlic experiment

    Morning all. Still pretty new to this, and I'm playing mad scientist today. I've looked over a handful of recipes for cooking wines, and I've sorta mashed a few together, and come up with this. Please critique, as I'm looking to test this recipe as a cooking wine (like THAT'S not obvious...
  10. RobertChartier

    Back Sweetening and residual sugar

    I have a 5 gallon carboy of raisin wine. the SG after secondary fermentation, stabilizing and clearing is 0.998. Since my wife and I both like our wines off-sweet, I'm looking to back sweeten. How much sugar would be needed to increase residual sugar by say, 0.5%? I can extrapolate...
  11. RobertChartier

    Question regarding sulphites

    Hey all, I am still pretty new to Winemaking, and have a question on sulfites. I have a friend that would love to drink wine, if only she didn't have that pesky sulfite allergy. Is there an alternative to using sodium or potassium metabisulfate?
  12. RobertChartier

    WineXpert Island Mist question

    Good morning all, My wife and I were looking at one of the Island Mist wine kits. The documentation calls for an 8 gallon primary bucket, and a 6 gallon carboy. The largest I have is a 6 gallon bucket and 5 gallon carboy. Other than getting less final product, is there any...
  13. RobertChartier

    Gallon Jugs

    Hey all, New to this. Have a couple of 5 gallon carboys. One was a gift, one I picked up. I'd like the ability to make smaller batches, for testing, etc. Where is a good place to get 1 gallon glass jugs? I know of a few online shops, but the shipping is killer. I haven't found...
  14. RobertChartier

    Hello all

    Alrighty then. I've got a friend that has made mead for years. Always wanted to try something along these lines. Wife and I drink a decent amount of wine, and although we get some major label, we've always been more fond of our local wineries here in Western MA. Earlier this year, when...