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  1. Deezil

    Banana Bochet Port

    Hey Paul! I was clicking around here yesterday, glad to see lots of familiar faces still! I'm almost done with my Bachelors degree, and I should be around more Can you believe it's been almost 5 years?! Finals week this coming week, two weeks off for Spring Break, 4 weeks after that for a...
  2. Deezil

    Banana Bochet Port

    This recipe is the highlight of all of the creations that I made, during that phase of my life pre-college. Absolutely fantastic. I still have some. The banana was prevalent for several years, but it has faded to the background now and the spices from the brandy are more prominent now. I'll...
  3. Deezil

    Cleared Lord Rhys Mead going cloudy again...

    It could be particulate from the vanilla beans.. Has it been degassed at all? It could be a temperature-related precipitate..
  4. Deezil

    One Mother Four Children Mead

    Hey Seth, Glad to see you're back at it! I'll try to keep up with the goings'ons, but still drowning in University studies over here Hope all is well with you Cant wait to see how this turns out
  5. Deezil

    Benefits to Combining Yeast?

    Thinking outside the box, as it's said around here, can get you in trouble. Kit manufacturers can send two yeasts with their kits because they've tested the fermentation process with that juice and those yeasts. There's always the chance as well, that they are both offered because of customer...
  6. Deezil

    Bochet Mead

    You cant see what stage the caramelization is at when you pressure cook it. There are different nuances at different stages in the process, If you always set it and forget it for the same amount of time, you'll never experience this. I always did it on the stove top, carefully. You need a pot...
  7. Deezil

    Banana Bochet Port

    Sure haven't; A couple more years to go, actually lol Had to pack up all the winemaking stuff to make room for a study area, so winemaking is pretty much shut down around these parts. Just bottled up the end of it, with the Banana Bochet Port
  8. Deezil

    Banana Bochet Port

    Hey Jericurl, I would imagine so, yeah, as long as it's clear when you bottle. I tend to bulk age at least 18 months but everyone does it a little differently so I dont see why a year wouldnt work as long as the finished product is cleared
  9. Deezil


    Banana Bochet Port It's a complex process, but it's worth it. If you like Port, if you like Honey.... Give it a try. Not much banana in the end, but what is there, will blow your mind.
  10. Deezil

    Banana Bochet Port

    I just thought I would chime in here, and give the 'final update'.. So I finally bottled this, after 4 to 4.5 years of bulk aging. This is easily the pinnacle of my winemaking, by far the most impressive creation I've ever made. Sadly, the banana faded, but everything else came through. It is...
  11. Deezil

    pH and TA for Ice Wine from Reisling

    If it was a kit, and you've followed the directions, generally speaking As far as adding the appropriate amount of water, mostly Then, I'd reason that the pH/TA is probably acceptable They're a little different than regular white wines though, the increased sugar content of an ice wine takes a...
  12. Deezil

    non-Saccharomyces yeast strains

    I've come across research pertaining to some strains, But I haven't found a source for them, so I've never tried to retain the information.. It's around here somewhere though... Lemme shuffle some papers..
  13. Deezil

    How to Measure Residual Sugar?

    If you're not messing with the Feds, a hydrometer should work just fine. This isn't rocket science, and it's not gonna blow up if you're off by a few points either way Use the Brix measurement for anything non-commercial Use a Clinitest tablet if you wanna be 'spot on'
  14. Deezil

    How to Measure Residual Sugar?

    If I remember right, it's roughly the Brix measurement 5 Brix = 5% residual sugar = ~50 grams sugar/liter It's not exact, because ABV plays a role too - but for the life of me, I can't find the formula that takes ABV into consideration And my brain is fried from college, so I can't piece it...
  15. Deezil

    type of honey

    You'll still want to shoot for something like this. It might come in as high as 1.100, which is still okay. Every batch of honey is different. You can push the alcohol higher in future batches, when you have a better understanding of how it changes the profile of the finished product. You don't...
  16. Deezil

    type of honey

    Except it's not honey: "This honey blend includes a mixture of corn syrups and honey that adds extra sweetness and flavor to your recipes, and the familiar color and texture to regular honey makes H. Fox & Co's product ideal for baking into cakes and pies. It's also an economical alternative...
  17. Deezil

    type of honey

    Beautiful answer! 3lbs honey / gallon, should ballpark you about 1.085-1.090 SG 3lbs honey = ~1 quart Depends on what you're shooting for, If you're making a mead - as in, honey only, then it depends on how much (and how) you like your honey If you can handle the flavors of the darker, bolder...
  18. Deezil

    Factors to consider when selecting yeast, and acid/tannins (Non-Grape)

    1. - Fermentation temperature; both the temperature of the must itself, and the temperature/humidity of the environment - Impact of yeast varietal; each yeast brings something different 'to the table', so some will enhance the body while others will enhance aspects of the nose. - Yeast...
  19. Deezil

    Peach wine questions

    For the body, If it needs sweetened, you can use honey - that will help a little. But it should only take approx. 2/3 the amount of sugar-weight, in honey. If it took 60 grams of sugar to bring the batch to where you liked it, you'd only need 40 grams of honey. For the cloudiness, Pectic enzyme...
  20. Deezil

    Banana Bochet Port

    Oh, score! You're in for a real treat here, I think. I didn't weigh the bananas that went into the 1-gallon, It was just roughly half of the 40lbs I had sitting out. No biggie, probably closer to your 10 than I originally assumed. I don't know that it'll be 'dry'.. That's kind of what caught...