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  1. Dugger

    Cellar Craft CC Showcase Amarone Kit Tips?

    Decided to check in and noticed this post. I had the same experience with this kit. Started one last Nov and the OG was 1.064 which surprised the heck out of me. After skins, the best I could get was 1.082. I notified the store and they advised me to let it run its course, confident that it...
  2. Dugger

    Fermentation finished early

    During active fermentation I will flip the skins bag over, punch it down and stir it around and this releases quite a bit of the CO2, so when fermentation essentially finishes, most of the gas is gone and the bag will sink. As far as racking goes, I’m not sure what you mean. At that stage I...
  3. Dugger

    Fermentation finished early

    Hi Ron - been a while since I've been on here and don’t recognize many members. I’ve used the 2week bucket ferment for many years without any issues - I generally put it under a tight lid with airlock when it hits 1.010 or so and then remove the airlock and push down the skins (in a bag) with a...
  4. Dugger

    RJS Port SG?

    My bad - I was thinking you were concerned about the alcohol content and focusing on that. Regarding sweetness, the coffee port ended up at 1.040 and is noticeably quite sweet. I don't have the readings for the Black Forest or the Orange but the BF is about the same sweetness as the Coffee and...
  5. Dugger

    RJS Port SG?

    Sorry, been away. The SG doesn't change when you add the F-pack after stabilization, since fermentation has stopped. If you add some or all of the F-pack during early fermentation it could up the alcohol by a couple of % points, depending on your fermentation conditions. The 1118 yeast with...
  6. Dugger

    RJS Port SG?

    I just made two of the RJS coffee ports - one started at 1.120 and the other at 1.118. Both finished at 0.995. I made the Black Forest a couple of years ago and it went 1.120 down to 0.992. Made the Orange Chocolate a couple of times and they went 1.119 to 0.995. I think the base wines for...
  7. Dugger


    Congrats Doug. It can be intoxicating. I did a jump a number of years ago with my daughter and son and thoroughly enjoyed it - I was amazed at the absolute silence you experience as you float down. My daughter went on to paragliding after that (and has been the Canadian national womens' champion...
  8. Dugger

    Cellar Craft Topping up CC Winery Series Kits

    Hi Mike - as Dr Cad says, you really shouldn't need to top up much with these Winery series kits. With the grape skins added after filling to 23 liters, you will have plenty to fill your carboy when you transfer. In fact I generally have too much at this stage and put it in a bottle under...
  9. Dugger

    Other Kit problem

    Redshoe - if you have not ditched this kit, you can try to salvage it. Just hold the bag over your primary bucket and puncture it with a clean knife - the juice will flow out without any "explosion". If the juice smells and tastes ok, you can continue to make the wine. If not, throw it out as...
  10. Dugger

    All in One Wine Pump Giveaway!

    Really great product - count me entered.
  11. Dugger

    WineXpert Follow instruction exactly or not?

    The WinExpert kits use a one part fining agent and use the sediment to bind to and clear the wine, whereas Spagnols kits and perhaps others use a two part clearing agent and do not need the sediment to do its job.
  12. Dugger

    RJ Spagnols RJSpagnols Orange Choc Port add metabisulfite for aging?

    My recollection from a discussion with RJS a few years ago is that because of the higher alcohol content they do not advise the need for additional Kmeta for their port kits. I cannot recall the WE port instructions but I suspect they are similar.
  13. Dugger

    Thanksgiving WineMakingTalk Glass Giveaway!

    Count me in! .. and happy belated thanksgiving everyone down there.
  14. Dugger

    New Life for Wine Glass

    You're right of course, Dan, it is operator error! But the ipad is so smart in everything else, correcting my spelling, dinging and ringing and burping to notify me something is happening - and it has a smart cover to boot - you'd think the damn thing would be smart enough to know up from down...
  15. Dugger

    New Life for Wine Glass

    Okay, I think I get it now! The picture you are seeing must be inverted, which is pretty strange, since it shows up on my ipad as properly oriented. Yup, just checked on the desktop and it is inverted. I usually pick up on these inverted pictures from the ipad but the new ios update must have a...
  16. Dugger

    New Life for Wine Glass

    Well, as you can see, they are both empty!
  17. Dugger

    New Life for Wine Glass

    Some time ago I broke the stem on one of my Riedel glasses and being of frugal Scot anscestory I kept the pieces and tried to think of a way to connect the stem pieces. I was recently throwing out a used nomacorc (synthetic) and some synapsis fired and I thought, why not? So I cut out the ends...
  18. Dugger

    Mama wants a floor corker. Which one?

    I have used a burgundy portuguese corker for over 10 years with no problem. This model is much more robust than the red one and is a good choice. Some shorter 375 ml bottles require a lift - I put a hockey puck or a roll of electrical tape on the plate under these bottles when corking.
  19. Dugger

    yellow ring at the top

    All of the RJS Winery Series red kits I have made have developed a yellow ring in the neck and it has not been a problem. I don't know what it is but I now look on it as a sign of excellence!