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  1. pettyus

    Vacuum Transfer Wine Pump Giveaway

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  2. pettyus


    I have no experience with brew belts, but I actually built my own fermwrap just like you outlined...and it works great. I paired it with a digital Johnson temp controller and maintain good & constant fermenting temps in my cold basement.
  3. pettyus

    Italy ,Spain, and France when to visit ???

    A few years ago we visited Tuscany/Chianti at the beginning of September (spent some time at the Chianti Festival in Greve--unbelievable how passionate the Italians are about their wine, but with great reason) was awesome. 80F during the day and very pleasant at night.
  4. pettyus

    Mosti Mondiale TtG Sauv Blanc

    Looks great...I'm in the middle of the same kit, plan is to rack/degas tomorrow.
  5. pettyus

    Mosti Mondiale Through The Grapevine Sauvignon Blanc

    Just picked this kit up pretty cheaply and was reading the instructions and noticed that there wasn't any indication on what the starting SG should be (day 1 hydrometer reading)...does anyone have any experience with this kit who could share?
  6. pettyus

    WineXpert Selection International Montepulciano

    So, after getting our son down to bed, my wife and I got geared up to bottle tonight. Because we wanted to make sure everything was "kosher" before we put the wine into bottles we had a small taste...and then realized that we better not bottle yet. The wine still had a bit of a "yeasty" smell...
  7. pettyus

    WineXpert Selection International Montepulciano

    Thanks for the tips everyone...I didn't even think about the trace k-meta left in the bottles after sanitizing. And Racer, you are probably right!!!
  8. pettyus

    WineXpert Selection International Montepulciano

    Well, getting near the point of bottling my first kit and was wondering what others thought about additional k-meta addition for continued protection in the bottle. It has been about 6 weeks since I finalized the stabilizing and clearing step (step 3), and two weeks after that I racked (step...
  9. pettyus

    Italian Wine Regions

    Very cool presentation. I have converted it to a word file, but the size was essentially the same...was able to take a little more size out of it by zipping it--let me know if you would like it!
  10. pettyus

    Hey from NW Indiana!

    Wouldn't mind to swap...that is, if you don't mind taking a chance that a couple of newbies had NO IDEA what they were doing! I have the Brunello kit coming in April, so will be bottling before that--I will let you know!
  11. pettyus

    Hey from NW Indiana!

    Hello everyone...just joined today after browsing around looking for tips. I'm very new to winemaking--my wife and I have just started as a new hobby. (Not very new to wine drinking and collecting, though!!) For our first attempt we are trying Winexpert's Montepulciano. We are currently...