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  1. lloyd

    You must be a winemaking addict if...

    you pass an abandoned turnip field and consider making wine out of them.:s
  2. lloyd

    toxins from fermenting citrus ?

    I Met a vintner from california when I told him I made some wine out of oranges he was alarmed. He said you had to be very careful with citrus or you can produce a toxin that can damage your sight. Does any one on the forum know any thing about this
  3. lloyd

    What R you doing today?

    Getting ready to start putting up the Timothy grass hay the monsoons are a threat in Nv. as well as Az. I love the moisture in the air, and the rain storms But must get good crops in to make ends meet so I prepare to run the gauntlet.:rn
  4. lloyd

    Peach wine not clearing 4 months old

    the kieselsol and chitosan seemed to do the best job the sparkolloid is taking a little longer but it is bulk aging and becoming quite clear. thanks to all for the help:h
  5. lloyd

    What to use in myairlock

    in the summer our humidity can run as low as 7% that is why for bulk aging I like to use glycerin no problem with evaporation.
  6. lloyd

    Duct tape for wine?

    Dan, How long did it have to sit bottled before you had the problem?
  7. lloyd

    Duct tape for wine?

    I have a quick fix my girlfriend calls"Duct tape for wine" I use DEKUYPER SCHNAPPS for the F-pack. The flavoring they use is top notch, and it only has 15% alcohol by volume so using it does not change your alc/vol the sugar in it is sufficient to back sweeten. I've been here a while, and have...
  8. lloyd

    14 Gallons of Apricots

    With the skin on??? I did not know that.
  9. lloyd

    What R you doing today?

    Blew like Hell yesterday. I can't believe its snowing again!!! on the 5th of June. They predict hard frosts for the next two nights. I hope it doesn't damage my fields!!
  10. lloyd

    Rubber bung taste!!!

    Who supplies silicone Bungs/corks?
  11. lloyd

    Peach wine not clearing 4 months old

    thanks Guys I appreciate the info . By the way does any one know if it is starch pectin or something else that makes peach so hard to clear?
  12. lloyd

    Peach wine not clearing 4 months old

    Thanks Wade I guess I'll order some Sparkaloid.
  13. lloyd

    Peach wine not clearing 4 months old

    I think I will rack, then bentonite let settle again, then filter. add the peach flavoring that Wade suggested add camden and bulk age. How does that sound?
  14. lloyd

    Peach wine not clearing 4 months old

    Yes Julie I tried it this morning. it is smooth with a mild peach taste. The alcohol content is to high I'm disappointed to say as it overshadows the peach flavor. but it has no off taste and fair mouth feel. not great but an ok wine. It just will not clear.
  15. lloyd

    Important health information

    Gotta say I love the Jokes here.
  16. lloyd

    Peach wine not clearing 4 months old

    Well now my peach wine is 7 months old and still not Clearing.:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m:m
  17. lloyd

    Rubber bung taste!!!

    I only had this trouble when I bought new rubber bungs and did not wash them prior to sterilization. If I had it to do over I would wash a couple of times in the dishwasher
  18. lloyd

    Sodastream possibilities......

    what type of c02 canister does it use?
  19. lloyd

    Julie, thanks for all the good work you have done for the forum, I'll miss the good clean jokes...

    Julie, thanks for all the good work you have done for the forum, I'll miss the good clean jokes but not the bad. This forum has helped me make better wine. I'm grateful for all the help.
  20. lloyd


    :f2:f2:f2I will miss the Joke forum. It was my best source for the best, mostly clean jokes that I could pass on to my friends. Thanks to all the past contributers.You added a lot of.:f2:f2:f2:f2:f2 to my days!! Sorry if any ones feelings were Hurt.