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  1. Hokapsig

    Saudi Arabia

    there's wine in Qatar
  2. Hokapsig

    Retirement VS working

    ok guys, I'm coming up on 59 and a half. Kids are out of the house, the house and all debts are paid off. When the market crashed in March last year, we emptied out the winery fund and sunk it into the market. I'm ready to just retire and do the winery, which will make us more money than me...
  3. Hokapsig

    Our first Wine show....

    we are getting ready to release our port also. Label approved, now to get it in the rotation.
  4. Hokapsig

    Our first Wine show....

    well, it's early December in the year of Covid and allows us to look back on our 7th year of being an official winery..... Fortunately, we were able to increase our sales by 40 to 50% in January and February (we had only budgeted a 10% increase for the year). Then Covid hit and cancelled all...
  5. Hokapsig

    Our first Wine show....

    we can go there and visit D&O too. We've been all the way out to Robinson for a delivery,
  6. Hokapsig

    Where to buy cheap wine bottle

    i bought the entire lot of printed cases of 750ml green mid punt bottles. Over run of production for 5 bucks a case, 230 cases. I don't care what the printed case boxes say. I'm just concerned about the bottles and the price per case. Picked up an opened case of 10K capsules for 10 bucks.
  7. Hokapsig

    Where to buy cheap wine bottle

    we just picked up 50 cases of Antique Green Bordeaux for $5 a case there yesterday. they had flint Burgundy bottles for $5 a case too, but they were a bit shorter than the usual Burgundys that we get, so we passed. We return our pallets, so no charge for the pallets,
  8. Hokapsig

    Disassembling a floor corker

    we found that by adding lock washers to the bottom wing nuts will keep the unit tight and in plumb.
  9. Hokapsig

    Our first Wine show....

    so we've picked up a third farmer's market. The state has stopped all tastings unless you are supplying the wine with a meal. Farmer's markets are serving food, so we are covered there and are permitted to do tastings and sales for off site consumption. Despite having 9 months of shows...
  10. Hokapsig

    Our first Wine show....

    unfortunately, we don't have a license to ship our wines. We are allowed to deliver, but not to ship.
  11. Hokapsig

    Our first Wine show....

    well, the energy company shot us down too. At this time, they will neither lease nor sell the property. So its on to plan C, which is to rent a building in an industrial park (not my idea of a winery location), but the location does have gas, electric, water and reduces our barrier to entry. We...
  12. Hokapsig

    Our first Wine show....

    We sell at the Murrysville Farmers Market on Sardis Road from 3 to 7 on Thursdays and the Monroeville Lions Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9 to noon. Stop by.
  13. Hokapsig

    Our first Wine show....

    well, we have made it through Covid, actually better than worse, Our governor decided to shut down all businesses that were not deemed essential. Lucky for us, wineries were determined to be essential and when the state shut down the state run liquor stores, we had a captive audience. We started...
  14. Hokapsig

    Elderberry Wine

    we made our elderberry from juice, and after stabilizing, we let it sit on 90% cocoa chocolate bars. One bar per 6 to 8 gal. After 4 months, it takes on a flavor of a grape tootsie pop center. It sells very well for us, but we sweeten ours to around 1.040 (that's what our customers demand).
  15. Hokapsig

    Our first Wine show....

    oh we are learning about economies of scale the hard way. We try to only handle the cases once (take them out of the winery for selling and not having to return them to inventory). We have it down pretty good now for the most part. We figure out how many wineries will be present, expected...
  16. Hokapsig

    Our first Wine show....

    well, an update..... After a very positive start to 2020. sales were up another 45 to 50% from the previous first 2 months of 2019. Things were looking up. Shows that yielded almost the same as the year before had better profit as we were able to cost out some overhead and increase our take...
  17. Hokapsig

    Hello from south of Pittsburgh, new here

    stop in at D&O Wine Cellars in Crafton and say hi to ffemt. Doug will regale you with his wine making secrets as you sample his wines.
  18. Hokapsig

    Beginning Equipment

    We still transfer to 6 gal glass carboys to maintain better control when sweetening. Plus we don't have the room to bottle an entire tank.
  19. Hokapsig

    Our first Wine show....

    Allan, if they are making you fill out information, that's probably the promoter. When we do shows, we are balls to the wall trying to make a good experience for our customers who want to just taste and buy the wines. We don't have time to ask for such info, though if you'd go to a wine tasting...
  20. Hokapsig

    Co-op Tasting Room

    yes in PA we are allowed to have up to 5 satellite locations. When you say you're in the winemaking region, are you in the Erie area? The other wineries in your area probably wouldn't be interested as they are trying to drive business to their properties instead of a another property.