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  1. Venatorscribe

    I may change my views on Rosé Wine

    Some might call my latest blend a 'buggers muddle' but the outcome is far from it. I had so many pears from my trees this year that I played with numerous blending options. i made a Rosé using 90% pear wine (11.5% abv) and 10% Sangiovese. The Sangiovese I made back in 2016. In my trials I found...
  2. Venatorscribe

    Changing the volume of a kit

    And once you have done everything as above, just give it time. The “talons of expectation “ should be ignored. Give your wine at least twelve months in the carboy and another year or two in the bottle. Any mistakes you may have made ( ie over oaking ) will smooth away. But make sure you are on...
  3. Venatorscribe

    Cider maker in SW Missouri

    I have to say, that I’m leaning more towards drinking fruit and botanical wines. I still love my red wines but there is something to be said for a well balanced fruit wine. It must be an age thing ….
  4. Venatorscribe

    Wired up a temperature controller

    I am impressed. This is the hardest thing about brewing a lager - keeping that temp real low. hence i tend to make my Lager and Pilsner outside in the shed over winter ( Southern Hemisphere so Jul / Aug ) for drinking over our summer Christmas.
  5. Venatorscribe

    What's for Dinner?

    Homemade pizza.... mozzarella,artichokes,mushrooms,olives,gardencherry tomatoes.... along with a fruit wine this evening (to celebrate the warm autumnal evening) a 2019 pear and blueberry
  6. Venatorscribe

    Interesting article

    Thanks for noting that article. I’m feeling very tempted to make a very small salt addition (at the next racking) to a fruit wine that I have in secondary. I’m a tad scared to try the technique on my reds at present. I’ll see how the country wine goes first. Cheers again for the reference.
  7. Venatorscribe

    Saudi Arabia

    Unfortunately the juice may will be a grape type that isn’t too flash - such as the grape juice type used by McCoy - which is concord grapes. Concord juice ferments to a wine that resembles a muscat wine which requires three to five years before it resembles anything pleasant (if at all). Maybe...
  8. Venatorscribe

    Do I really need to worry about SG?

    I agree with above. It’s what we do. Part of the hobby. Verify your instincts. I tend to do a lot of fruit and botanical wines. However when I do a few grape wines (either kit or fruit) I most certainly do check both pH and Brix. my theory is ‘I want to know'. And guess what - I found pH was...
  9. Venatorscribe

    What R you doing today?

    Winter is approaching ( l live in New Zealand ) - so decided to brew up a coconut porter beer. Toasted up 650 gms of coconut - threw it into a nylon bag then co-mingled it with a heavy brown ale extract wort and a stout wort. Built the volume up to 26 lts, placed the fermentation bucket on a...
  10. Venatorscribe

    Pear wine help

    Did it require much in the way of back sweetening
  11. Venatorscribe

    What R you doing today?

    just watching and thinking - I've pulped 80 kg of pears over the last couple of days. So am waiting for the pectinase to do it’s stuff and the k meta to reduce then press and I’ll ferment.
  12. Venatorscribe

    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    So funny ! Good one
  13. Venatorscribe

    Post a photo, any photo

    Days Bay, New Zealand. It’s summer here
  14. Venatorscribe

    What's in your glass tonight?

    Not drinking one of my mine this evening. I bought what I thought was a quaffing wine at a special price at the supermarket to have with a casual sausage and fresh salad items in a summer evening (Southern Hemispheres). To my surprise the wine was an absolute stunner. In fact ( I didn't...
  15. Venatorscribe

    Side effects

    Thanks for that info. Very interesting. This is how the normal flu virus affects me. Tiredness, chills, heats then sweats- twenty four hours later waking up feeling a tad weak but fine there after. Thanks for detailing your experience
  16. Venatorscribe

    Retirement VS working

    37 years for me then my health packed up from the stress of it all. Retirement has been a godsend and extended an endless array of life supporting possibilities...
  17. Venatorscribe

    Post a photo, any photo

    A long day that tested my resilience - I fully picked one of my heritage pear trees out back. (southern hemisphere harvest time). They are Williams bon chretien pears aka Bartlett pears. A bumper harvest this year. 83 Kg. Now - the even bigger job of turning it into wine. An annual event well...
  18. Venatorscribe

    A 2020 Cab Franc journey with fellow WMT member

    Your Cab Franc looks perfect. Franc is one of my favourite varietals
  19. Venatorscribe

    its your favorite wine still based on grapes? if not, what it is it?

    I am very much with you all in regards taste and appreciation of all things wine. I enjoy a number of red wine varietals. However - as I get older I have developed an even greater appreciation of the complexity and flavour profiles of country wine. Albeit Rose Petals that I source from my...
  20. Venatorscribe

    Looking for Green Tomato Wine

    I can’t recall coming across one, so that leaves the door open to having some inventive fun and creating one yourself. I suppose you normally make chutney or pickles with these green tomatoes?